Pirates of the caribbean: Undestructed love

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Chapter 1


by: Morgana97
I glanced over to the invitation on the sideboard. The curved writing was from James Norrington himself. How could i miss it. I knew he liked Elizabeth but if there was even the slightest chance he might like me a would jump at it. I wasnt the goveners daughter but but father was ex-milatry and govener swanns best friend and major advisor. My hair wasnt golden like Elizabeths, it was a dark redish colour, not quite ginger. My red dress was layed upon my bed. I was ready to ge dressed. My maids helped my squize into my corsett i had been wearing for some time now. I curled my hair into loose ringletts and made my way to the carriage. I saw my father puzzled outside with my mother next to him. I walked towards them, i stopped about a metre from my father. The carriage wasnt ours. I returned there puzzled look to them and turned my head to the man standing infront of me.
"Compliments for Sir Becett maam." My eyebrows rose, Cutler Becett sent myself and my family a carriage to ride in. Oh well, it could be worse. i followed my parents into the carriage and sat opposite them. A letter was on the seat on which i was about to sit, adressed to me. I satdown and opened it. It read:

Miss Scarlett Me'ore

I hope you accept this carriage to take you to the ceremony and hope that you will be my accompanyment. Save a dance for me at the engagement party of Miss Swann and Commedor Norrinton

All the best

Lord Cutler Becett.

Hahahaha, turns out my day couldnt get worse. Elizabeth was going to marry James Norrington, and i was having to accompany Lord Becett. My mother was now reading the letter alowd and smiling more with each word. Of course she saw it as my marriage to a fine gentleman with one of the highest places in socity. I saw it as i wasn't going to marry James. My heart sank. I mean yes i was happy for Elizabeth and she was my best friend but i really didnt think this day would come. I hardly know Lord Becett. In fact i only knew of him, how he knew where i lived and wanted me to use his carriage was all but anonomos to me.

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