Broken Hearts

Chapter 1

A really crappy rap

One day you'll realize how much you meant to me,
One day you'll realize that we were meant to be.
Whilst my heart is cracked and broken,
I hear your sweet voice being spoken.
I feel a strange beat in my chest,
It's my heart, not giving it a rest.
Dreaming of a parallel world,
Somewhere that I'll be forever heard.
Thinking of the pain I'd cause,
But I guess I'm a fvckin' lost cause.

I feel your breath on my neck,
I'd start screaming fvcking heck!!!
Hearing your screams,
Eternal nightmares it seems.
I can't fvckin' breathe,
This is what you do to me.
I rapped my way into this crap,
Oh I guess it's bubble wrap.


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