heart attack ~ 1D story

heart attack ~ 1D story

Hi guys!!this is my first 1D story.Rose is a 17 girl that lives with her mother,father and her younger brother.then they move from U.S to London.hope you enjoy this!!!<3<3

Chapter 1

new place

by: sara_s
BIP,BIP,BIP!Thursday!I love Thursdays but not this one!
"Rose!!Come on we are leaving!" my mom shouted.I really couldn't come out of my cozy bed!some one knocked the door."come in."I said.saw Mike coming inside.
"OH!you are growing up!I can't believe you knocked!!"I said. "Hey sis.Iam not growing up!I am just sad!"Mike said "me too"I went to the bathroom and I took a shower as quick as possible.Then I packed the rest of my clothes.I went down stairs and step in to the kitchen.saw my mom running every where!The last mins that I was alone in my room,I started to cry."Rose!we are leaving right now!"
finally we were at the plane.I cried all time we were flying there.The only thing that makes me happy was that at least my best friend was there.Her family moved in to London 6 months ago.Our new house was in London.Big city!We finally arrived at home!OMG!My jaw DROPPED when I saw it!I pushed the double door and step in.OMG!A perfect modern decoration.I ran up stairs. "Which one is my room?" I shouted. "you'll find!" my mom shouted back.I opened the last door.LOOK T THAT!HOLLY LORD!!It was as big as a football stadium!of course not that big!A queen size bed with white walls and colorful dots on it.Nice!A big closet!I opened the door.I sew a strange key looks like a heart.I pushed it.My eyes went wide when I saw the door is moving!The door opened and I saw a dark way.so I turned on the lights and I saw a hidden closet!!I was almost screaming!I went down stairs to go to the yard.When I got there my jaw drooped!! " LOOK AT THAT HUGE POOL!"I shouted.Our house was in a quiet neighborhood.It was awsome!After all this things finally I was going to visit Katy.They had a huge house as same as us.They were our neighbor.I rang the bell and a familiar face opened the door!She was Katy!"KATY "I shouted "Rose!"she shouted back.She gave me a tightly hug.we went inside.When I saw her mother Aunt Emma I ran as fast i could to hug her!I loved her.Then I saw Edward running to me! "EDWARD!"I said."Hey Rose!!Miss you!!"he said.We had lunch then we decided to go to mall tomorrow.So I went home to change and SLEEP!!Finally tomorrow we walked along the mall.I was really busy!I was texting my friend,suddenly I felt my mobile is flying!!!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- sorry it was short!It will get more exciting in next chapters!!What will happen next??
leave comments if you like!! thanks

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