A vampire love story

there are humans and vampires involved.
And i hope you like it :)

Chapter 1

The Human boy

His brown hair shining from the sun and closed eyes so happy make him adorable when he's asleep. But when he's awake he seems like a whole different person...
I find myself wandering to his house every day. But it's not because I have feelings for him. It's a Vampire thing people wouldn't understand.
His blood seems so Pure and Tasty. I want that blood for my own. That salty sweet taste to stay with me forever. But first... I have to gain his trust.
When he awakes i'll make sure to know i'm there beside him to show I "care" for him.
As I leave I feel as If I can't stay away.
I hurry home before I lose it. And I see that my comrades and family members are still playing cards so I sneak off to my room and act as if i've been there the whole time.

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