I told off an 8th grader... (mind you, I'm in 6th grade)

Chapter 1


So, the (place last name here) were getting on the bus yesterday, and some whacko 8th grader named Kelvin started calling Angel Four-Eyes. I got mad. Here's the convo:

Me: Shut the hell up!

little later
Me: Shut up, you freaking idiot!!!

Kelvin: Shut up and move to the front where you belong.

Me: I'm a baby, you don't have to talk to me like that. Although, people must have to talk to you like a baby all the time, cos you are one!

Kassidy: tearing up I'm so proud of you. You even cussed.

getting off the bus after he said Tyrell wasn't bugging anyone

Me: How would you know? You were back here talking about some stupid DVD and looking up basketball scores.

Kelvin: Shut up.

Me: Make me, azzhole.

And I'm usually really quiet on the bus, so Kassidy enjoyed it alot. XD


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