The Backwoods

Definition Backwoods- the frontier

Chapter 5

Shipping rights

by: Cam12
My family isnt' rich, nor are we i the middle class. We were in the bottom group, and plus my family isn't spanish. We are French, but left that country for a cheaper life, to survive on a big family.

even here, we are low income. I praticly raise Carols family, because no on e else will. I can't leave them here, could I?

We packed in minutes, we loaded up the wagon a set off towards the port. We live only two miles from the ports, so it shouldn't take us long, an hour at least with our fast horse.

There were a total of four girls and three boys, and then there was me and Rachel. The cart was only ment to carry four, so Pippsie and Sonya, Carols younger sister rode in the wagon.

This family ain't going to be hanged. I know what your thinking though, why are we running away for a friends? Well the gang that was their early were all sons or daughters of high officals in are city. They would put the blame on us.

Lisa was standing right next to the girl who pulled the trigger. They wouldn't just stop there, no. They would go to the parents next, saying that we raised them to be killers. Then after the "killers" siblings, saying that they were also raised to be killers. The goverment would see this a threat and extingish it.

ONly way out, migrating. To the new country, of the USA. Its across the sea, to a civil war, or back to France. I would pick Civil war over France any day.

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