The Backwoods

Definition Backwoods- the frontier

Chapter 3

The Smoking Gun

by: Cam12
The rest of the day went peaceful. Nothing out of the ordianry since that morning. Everything went wrong in the next day. It all started when I was getting Pippsie's Orange juice.

"Daddy, hurry, I need my Or..Ange juice," Pippsie ordered. Age four and is alread bossy. She gets that from her mother. I poured her juice into her cup and walked around the house.

Carlos and Pablo were playing a board game on the floor, while Rachle was on the couch sleeping. I however see Lisa. I walked through our house, poppig my head into every single room. Not in any of them.

I ran to the window, they she was. Confronting the gang again. Not a smart idea. I ran outside. I stood by the door, seeing how they would handle it.

"Who do you think you are?" the bo asked.

"A Straight A student, and athlete who can pound your sorry butt," replied Lisa. The boys just smirked. They yelled insults at each other and then I noticed something. In the shadows, I saw a person.

A person with a lead pipe, sneaking up on Lisa and Carol. The person soon started a sprint towards them, I screamed at the top of my lungs, "NOOO!" Carol heard me and turned around, with her gun, already off safety.

She fired four rounds. The man, before falling to the ground swung his lead pipe, hitting Lisa in the ankle. I ran towards the Lisa. The man was lying motionless on the ground.

I ran towards the fighting ground. I heard Carol screaming curse words at the boys. I ran over to Lisa, and picked her up. Lisa didn't do anything wrong, but our horrible goverment will get it all wrong.

"Lisa, get your brothers and sister, and meet us back at our hous. Bring everything you would need, we're leaving Spain."

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