The Backwoods

Definition Backwoods- the frontier

Chapter 2


by: Cam12
I walked into my living room, I looked around. Three of my children were their, but one was missing, Again. Lisa liked to wander off, she always did. She was known as a grazer in my town.

She was a pretty girl too, so I worry about her. No telling what people will do in this town. I grew up here, I knew how this town worked. Their were the loyal neighbors, who look after your children, and then there are those who will harm your children.

I looked out the window. I saw some fight looking thing. Three girls eye to eye with four boys. I stood back to watch, I couldn't believe she was doing this again. I cracked the window open just a little, to evesdrop.

"What are you ging to do Carol, what are you without out that in your pocket," said the leader of the boys. he motioned to Carol's concealed gun she always kept with her.

"A girl, who can beat the crap out of you idiots," replied Carol with some sarcasm.

The guys laughed, they didnt believe her, but neither did I. That it the whole reason she carried a conceled weapon.

Carol looked liek she was about to pound them, when a police horse came by. The groups of kids scattered in different directions. Carol and Lisa made a bee-line for our front door.

I yelled down to Rachel, "the girls are coming, open the door." Rachel heard me loud a clear, and opened the door. The girls came in laughing, like it was all a joke. I was okay with it, they didn't do any harm but stand up for themselves.

Carol was ann orphan who lived on the street. She came to our house once in a while for a meal, and we welcomed her in.

"DAD...Y," Pippsie wined, "I want OR..Ange jucie." Classic children.

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