The Backwoods

Definition Backwoods- the frontier

Chapter 1


by: Cam12
I come from a small town. My past, isn't important at the moment, but I have to say it has shaped my life. For if things hadn't happened the way they did, I wouldn't be here right now.

Now, my children, and y'all, my friends, have pestered me about why I don't talk about my past. Y'all have pestered me so much, I have broken down. I have broken so far, I'm finaly ready to tell. Ready to admit my family has shaped me.

I grew up on the streets, I gained street knowledge. I learned who to stay away from, mostly the gangs. I learned how to fight, how to defend myself. Sadly I knew this well. Gangs picked on me, for I was also educated.

I was known as the quiet kid. The lonely joe who stood in the corner, arms folded. I had no friends, not because I couldn't, but because I didn't want any friends. I didn't want to get distracted by things friends brought.

I knew I was missing a lot. I despreatly wanted friends, but my father was strict. He would always say, education is more important then anything. If I would mention any friends, he would lock me in my room, and tell me neither to speak of them again.

I grew up lonely, but I learned a lot. I would always sneak away on the street, to meet friends. They weren't the best people I could of been friends, but they were the closest to me.

When I 16, I was in Highschool. My father was killed a year earlier by a street fight, after he had had too man drinks. I was under a new set of rules by foster home. I could finaly have friends, and I liked it.

It didn't take me long to get friends, I was apperently social. My best friend was a girl named Rachel. She was new in town, and didn't know about my old father. As I got older , I gre more liking of Rachel. We soon began to date in tenth grade.

We never got into a fight after four years of dating and had married, she is the only person I have known for my life. Through out our marriage, we had four children. Lisa, our eldest at age thirteen, Pablo at age ten, Carlos at age six, and Pipsie at age 4.

We are now caught up to this present day, and I have proven that my past isn't as important as I made it sound. The only thing it has shown, is how my personality had shapened.

Important information i havn't given you, something you haven't noticed I didn't mention. My name is Diego Hernadez, I live in Spain, in the year 1890's.

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