S.T.R.A.N.G.E.R.S (An Original Group Story)

Here are the writers: myself, Lindsayy (ThisIsMyYear is filling in), jackn324, CocoaLoco1, Batwing, coolgirl5738, WatchThePlaneCrash, Lolahip, Hnardiello, theonlyoutsider, leopardsong, tammy1360, Girlteam, and Freakazoid2412 and girlwithadream and finally AwesomeOK1

Going away
Returns people to their

Chapter 1


Name: Coraline Dawn Stevens
Nickname: Cori
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: Long, Wavy Mousy Brown Hair, Bright Teal Eyes, Fair Skin, Average Height, Slender, Freckles Across The Nose, Glasses For Reading, "Natural Looking"
Personality: Shy, Smart, Kind, Caring, Helpful, Logical, Stubborn, Modest, Naive, Argumentative, Compassionate, Moody,
Fear: Fire
Where Are They From: Maine, U.S.
Other: Yearns for Romance, Loves to Day Dream and Relax, Has 2 older brothers at home, parents just got divorce so she went on the cruise to get away from that reality in hope to find something magical on the trip like love
Love? She hopes she'll find love (Tyler is her crush but doubts he'll like her)

Name: Acacia Rose London
Nickname: Rose
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: Blonde, beautiful, pale blue eyes, long hair, lightly tanned skin, great sense of style, 5'6
Personality: Bubbly, can be very rude and snarky, likes to have fun, makes a bad situation into a good one. Very sweet and caring, is a very loyal friend and tries not to leave any one out.
Fear: She hates the dark, and heights
Where Are They From: Cheshire, UK
Other: She went on the trip with her bestfriend, who she lost during the storm, she's had a tragic life, her parents died in a fire, and she was adopted by her awful grandmother. She loves to dream, and make up stories in her head.
Love? Eventually, she will fall for Ryan

Name: Ryan Gregory Wately
Nickname: Ryan
Gender: male
Appearance: short dirty blonde hair, light brown eyes, fair skin with a little tan, 6 feet tall, lean and somewhat muscular, small scar on right cheek
Personality: out-going, athletic, joker, adventurous, enthusiastic
From: Sydney, AU
Fear: tight spaces
Other: on cruise to go to boarding school in America, hates his stepdad
Love?: just broke up with his longtime girlfriend, could possibly form crush on Acacia

Name: Tyra Lucas
Nickname: Ty
gender: Female
age: 16
appearance: Waist-length brown hair w/ purple highlights; silver eyes; healthy (skinny); 5'5
personality: Fun, cool, exciting;
fear: bullies, death, being alone;
where they came from: washington
Other:has a crush on Elliot, but she tries not to let it show.

Name: Shaylah Robin Greenwood
Nicknames: Shay, Little Bear
Favorite Color: Green
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: Medium length straight black hair with white blonde, blue, and green streaks. Has one dark brown eye, and one bright green. Is very tall and slim with pale skin.
Personality: Likes playing guitar, singing, songwriting, martial arts, and The Wanted. She can be very quiet and shy, but she gets mad easily. Hates for people to see her break down.
Fear: Being alone, trusting people. Where She's From: Mullingar, Ireland. Was childhood friends with Niall Horan until he left for England to try out for the X Factor.
Other: Her family is very wealthy, but she and her parents don't have a very good relationship. She has a younger sister, Mindella Rose Greenwood (10). Her best friends are Primrose Arabellah Ringfrost (17), and Tabmantha Ebony Firtree (17).

Name: Rebecca Kate Wilson
Nickname: Becca
gender: Female
age: 16
appearance: Long red hair, sparkleing green eyes, tall, muscular, tan, freckles on nose
personality: tomboyish, brave, rebelious, reckless, short-tempered (towards strangers), friendly, bubbley,
fear: friends or family being hurt
where they came from: Austin, TX, U.S.A
other: Has three brothers, her mom is a widow, Becca wona cruis from a radio contest has a crush on one of the orignal character

Name: Treyson (Elliot) hiroko
Nickname: Trey or Elliot, idc
Age: 17
Appearance: shoulder length black hair, pitch black eyes, pale, tall (6,2), thin but surprisingly muscular, stab scar on 3 places on his back
Personality: silent, mysterious, avoids contact whether skin or communication
Fears: seeing death
From: Japan ( half Japanese, half French)
Other: beaten and neglected as a child so has trouble trusting and befriending people.


Appearance: Long Deep Purple Hair , Deep Red Eyes , Long Slender Body , Full Red LipsShe Wears A clingy Leafy Dress Like Tinkerbells Kind Of , And It Hugs Her Nicely And It Ends Mid Thigh , Showing Off Her Figure Even Though She's Twelve On A Deserted Bemuda Island And Shes Been Alone All Her Life , Extremely Pale And Beautiful Complextion (Skin) And Long Eyelashes.

Name: Kainon Lewis
Nickname: Cane
Gender: male
Age: 15
Appearance: scraggly brown hair, italian descendant, blue eyes, dimples, big smile, scaredy cat
Personality: shy, quiet, occasionally makes jokes, optmistic, patient
Fear: birds, being unappreciated and heights
Where Are They From: small italian town in Texas
Other: had a pet parrot that hated him, dad was a pilot and died in a plane crash, mom works a lot with little time for him, only child
Love?: Why not?

Name: Jenna Mary Stevens
Nickname: Jen, Jenny
Gender: female
Age: 16
Appearance: long brown hair, dark brown eyes, tall for her age, athletic
Personality: shy, brave, kind, adventurous,smart, helpful
Fear: heights
From: Canada
Love: not sure yet

Name: Sydney Thalia Robertson
Nickname: Syd, Thai (like the food; Pronounced Ty)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: Long strait black hair, bright green devilish eyes, normal height, slender
Traits/personality: Trouble maker, hard-headed, devious, loyal, sneaky, athletic, kind of pretty, great at singing
Fear: Snging I front of other people, being pressured
From: North Carolina
Other: Mountain girl, has trouble making friends, loves animals, wants to meet the right person
Love: Nobody yet

Name: Tyler John Gert
Nickname: Ty
Gender: Male
Age: 15 (Birthday: January 2nd)
Appearance: Short red hair, brown eyes, freckles, a little tan but not too tan, 6 feet tall, kind of muscular, not fat
Personality: Humorous, athletic, impulsive, average smartness level (:P), out-going, fearless, proud, stubborn, protective
From: Sligo, Ireland
Fear: Losing someone important, the sea
Other: Left Ireland when he was 11, has no dad.
Love: Had a girlfriend in Sligo, but they broke up after he left. May start to like one of the characters.

Name: Joey Park
Nickname: none really
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: handsome, shaggy black hair, warm brown eyes, has highlight of electrifying blue
Personality: :O Doing the concept on a male! So he's a player, and demands a lot, but behind all that, he's a person that tries to be kind. His heat melts for little girls and his little sister, Elizabeth
Fears: Elevators, can go in them but gets really nervous
From: Gangnam, Korea
Love: Player but he's looking for his 'true' love.

Name: Pierre Eriksson
Nickname: (for those you cannot pronounce his name) Paul or Eric.
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: Handsome, short shaggy brown hair, deep hazel eyes, slightly tan skin,5'10,160 lbs.
Personality: Humorous,mischief,sullen,flirty,fearless,intelligent ,vain and athletic.
From: Lethbridge, Canada.
Fear: Riding in speedboats, being rushed while doing something important.
Other: He was wanted by authorities back in Lethbridge, for dumping goat milk on a lieutenant. Often drinks blueberry milkshakes. Has 2 sisters. Lacey (12) and Meredith (18). Might like another character.
Love: TBA

Name: Deneva Scarlett Jacobs
Nicknames: Deni
Favorite Color: Purple or black
Gender: Female
Age: 16
From: London, UK
Appearance: She is tall and an average weight with light brown skin. Her natural hair is dark brown but she dyed it jet black. It reaches to her shoulders and is usually either down or in a messy bun. She can be usually found wearing ripped jeans, a band tee and black boots, usually with a bright red waist bag and other neon accessories.
Personality: This girl is firey, opinionated, goal-orientated and a leader by nature. People usually fear or respect her but not to the point where they feel necessarily intimidated. She is competitve but cannot stand losing or appearing weak in front of others so she just bottles everything up. She is also very protective over everyone and doesn't care who they are. She can show the kind, understanding side occasionally but it's hard for her. When she gets stressed out, she can make careless decisions as a leader which can put people in possible danger.
Fear: Losing control, putting herself and others in peril by reckless actions she makes when stressed out, having people disobey or walk out on her.
Other: No siblings, single mum

Name: Marcus Liffton
Nickname: Marc
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: Medium height and build, black hair and eyes, Asian, attractive eyes.
Personality: Looks down on people, very self-centered, absolutely HATES MARY-SUES AND PLAYBOYS.
Fear: Heights.
Where Are They From: New York
Other: Has a fake ID that he uses to fake his age so that he can buy and drink alcohol.
Love?: Crush on Coraline, but he doesnt know that she likes Tyler. Love triangle? Just an idea

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