Making History  (Hetalia Fanfic)

Making History (Hetalia Fanfic)

Chapter 3

Some Random Day...

I adjusted my glasses and stepped outside. I stretched and quickly ran back inside.
"It's such a nice day, I'm going to wear shorts and a tank top!"
So I threw on my favorite blue tank top and black shorts along with my black sneakers. I ran back outside and grinned.
"I would kill for a milkshake right now!"
So, I walked into the town and went in to a small diner.
"One chocolate milkshake to go please."
"Sure thing."
I handed her the money and waited patiently. Then she gave me my change and my shake.
I walked outside and headed towards the park.
"It's such a lovely day..."
I took a few sips of my milkshake and sat down on a bench. I finished my shake and tossed it into a trashcan. I looked around.
"I wonder if there's anyone I know around..."
I squeaked and jumped a little.
"Who... Who are you?!"
"Honestly, not remembering me is rude!"
I looked at him closely.
"Still not a clue."
"It's me, America!"
I grabbed his cheeks as I said,
I stretched them and then let go.
"It is you!"
He rubbed his cheek.
"It's nice to see you too, Berlin."
I tipped my head to the side.
"So, uh... What are you doing here, America? and, you don't have to keep calling me that... You can call me Klara."
"I wanted to see you, Berlin!"
"I said you could call me Klara..."
"But I don't like that name... Berlin is much more fitting either way..."
I sighed.
"Whatever, Alfred."
He got mad.
"I told you not to call me that!!!"
I laughed and ran off.
"If you want me to stop calling you that, then you gotta catch me!"

~America's POV~
I blinked.
She's acting weird... She wasn't like this when we last met... but then again the last time we met was just before she got into a big fight with Germany...
I looked up and realized she was getting away. I ran after her.
Who cares, I'll catch her for sure!
I ran after her and then stopped. I was at the beach, but she was nowhere to be seen.

~Berlin's POV~
I grinned from behind the rock. I waited until he passed. I jumped and landed on his back.
"Haa! I won!"
"No way, it's still not over!"
I dropped off his back and dodged him.
"You missed, Alfred!"
"Stop calling me that!"
I was about to dodge him again when something nocked me over.
I pushed Italy off of me and sat up. America grabbed my arm.
"I got you, now you have to stop calling me Alfred."
"That's not fair, I distracted her..."
I stood up and laughed.
"Italy, everything is fair."
I looked at America.
"Fine, I'll stop calling you that. Happy?"
He hugged me.
I blushed and quickly pushed him away.
"Italy, do you need something?"
I helped him up as I asked him.
"Yeah, Germany is here and he's looking for you. He also has Prussia with him."
I went pale.
I heard Germany's voice and I quickly hid behind America.
"Hide me."
"Where is she?"
I cringed as I heard Prussia's voice...
When both my big brothers are looking for me it can never be any good...
"She's right behind America!"
I glared at him.
"You're not supposed to tell them that!"
America stepped aside. I laughed nervously.
"Oh, Big brother Germany. Big brother Prussia...What are you two doing here?"
"We came to discuss something with you in private."

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