Making History  (Hetalia Fanfic)

Making History (Hetalia Fanfic)

Chapter 24

Lonely Memory

Berlin knew she was dreaming as soon as she opened her eyes... There was no other way that she would've woken up in a large field, blanketed in snow. She looked around and saw nothing, but white. She looked down at herself and saw the old uniform from her revolutionary times.
"Ah, Berlin. Glad you made it."
Her head snapped up as the scenery changed. She looked over and saw her old, human, companion who had gone through countless battles during the revolution with her.
"Where are we? I... Feel so lost."
His hand moved to her forehead and he sighed.
"You're not-a running a fever, so what's up Ber?"
She looked around before returning her gaze to her friend.
"I... I don't know. It just feels as if perhaps there's something wrong here... or something will be wrong here soon... I just can't shake this feeling..."
Aldio laughed.
"Don't-a worry about it. It'll all be-a fine."
His Italian accent was still very heavy... She almost had to ask him to try and speak in German to better understand him, but she refused to speak that language at that moment. She remember when he first came to her, asking for refuge. His friends, his family, everyone had turned against him and he no longer wished to stay in Italy. She had agreed to get him into her place as long as he'd promised to do some sort of work for his nation.
"Alright. If you say so, zen perhaps it vill all be fine."
They always did this to each other. Whenever his accent got more obvious, she'd make her's obvious or vice versa. A beer was placed for each of them and he held his up.
"A toast! To today's victory!"
All of the soldiers around her cheered and clanked glasses with one another and chugged the beers. She lightly clanked hers with Aldio's and she took a huge sip. The Italian's eyes shone as he watched the men around him dance, drink, and cheer. He was confidant that this revolution was about over. Berlin sighed and set her beer down. She looked around her. Unlike Aldio, her eyes did not shine at the sight, but they were dull.
I can't take it. Knowing that these men might die in this revolution. That... They all will eventually pass on, but I will be stuck here. Forever.
"Ber, what's wrong?"
She turned to face her friend.
"Ach, nothing. Just... Nothing."
She smiled convincingly at him and he grinned.
"Alright! Then we drink!"
She got up and went to go step out back for some air. She sighed as she couldn't help but think of what will happen if this war is lost.
"Those men... They'll die in vain if we lose... I won't allow it, so I cannot give up no matter what..."
Something inside shattered and there were a few crashes. She quickly bolted back inside and looked around. The lights had gone out, but she could see a figure standing in the doorway. The person saw her, then turned and ran. The light came back up and she looked around her. Everyone... They were all dead. She ran over to Aldio who was struggling to stand.
"Aldio! Stop! Don't move!"
She laid him down on the floor.
"Stop moving... I can probably save you..."
"No. Don't waste it on me... I just have to say something..."
She nodded...
"Berlin, keep looking over your shoulder, do not let your guard down... This person, they know where you are and they know just how to strike you. Be careful..."
He smiled sadly and then he sighed and closed his eyes.
Tears rolled down Berlin's face. She hadn't cried since someone's death in a while, but that was the reason she never got close to humans. She sobbed and gripped her sleeves.
"Damn it. They'll pay. I promise you, Aldio. They'll pay!"
Everything faded and then she opened her eyes. She looked around, she was back in the white field, but now she was lying on her back.
"Hey, you okay?"
She didn't move or speak, just laid there. It was almost as if her own dream was controlling her.
"Hey, can you hear me?"
She moved her head up a little and saw a blonde guy leaning over her.
"Who are you?"
Her voice was weak and a little cracked.
"Dude, my name's Denmark.. uhh I mean..."
"I'm Berlin."
He blinked a few times and just gazed down at the nation.
"Berlin? As in Germany's little sister? Dude, how'd you end up all the way out here?"
She pushed herself up as he sat down next to her.
"I don't know..."
"Do you remember anything?"
"All I remember is something happening in a bar and now I'm here..."
He laughed.
"Geez, how much did you drink?"
"Barely anything... I think... I think my troop is dead. We were... celebrating I think? And I stepped out for a few seconds before someone attacked and killed everyone..."
"That sounds harsh... You need some help?"
She looked at him. His blue eyes were confidant and calm, but she could see a child-like mind behind them. She shook her head.
"I have to do this on my own. Thank you though..."
She stood up and he huffed.
"But I really want to help!"
She laughed as she walked off.
"If you want to help, then do me a favor and find out who killed my men... It'll save me some time and if you ca figure it out, then I might think about allowing you to help me..."
He got up and grinned as she nodded.
"Alright! Then I'll for sure find him!"
Then he got serious.
"I'm sorry to hear about your men though... Are you sure you've got enough men to keep fighting?"
"Even if I don't... I have to keep fighting or else they would've died in vain and I will not allow that..."
She smiled sadly at the ground and then walked off. She couldn't tell him, but she was happy to have someone help though she didn't ask for it...

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