Hetalia: Class Schedule

from: http://memegen.net/viewmeme.pl

Chapter 1

... No comment.

Your name Kiara
Favourite colour Blue
Favourite movie Blood Night
Favourite country America
Your age 17
Favourite anime/manga Hetalia (duh)
do you have glasses? ...Yes
animals? which one(s)? Cat, cats, and more cats!
Your homeroom teacher is Romano
Your Science teacher is Russia YEEESSSSS!!!
Your math teacher is Taiwan
Your language arts teacher is Australia
Your history teacher is Grandpa Rome How fitting...
Your art/music teacher is Turkey Meh...
Your sex-ed teacher is England (he'll tell you that fairies bless parents with a baby) O.O
Your gym teacher is Italy haha! I'll get an A for sure!
Your lover is Italy ^////^
Chances of him getting you pregnant
50% Why is it so low? uh... I mean... yay?


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