It's Me, I'm Afraid...(One Direction & Twilight Cross Over)

What can one do when everybody she loves is taken away from her? When they are killed? Can a girl really love again and face what is to come? Or does she guard her heart, and live without love?

Main Song: What Do You Want From Me by Adam Lambert

Chapter 1

Three Of Us

"Looks like our old friend needs some help,"I told my sisters as they were eating,"Well, their friends do, but good news is that it is against the Volturi."

"Well, our good friends that have track us down since the first day we were born?"asked Esperanza with a smirk.

"And the ones that killed every single person we cared about?"asked Paloma trying to stay calm.

The Volturi wasn't that fond of us. Aro wanted us in his guard, seeing we are unique, but we wouldn't accept. He killed every person we ever cared about, from our parents to our lovers. We swore revenge, and it looks like we ca get it!

"If this turns into a fight, we could come out victorious! Just think about it, we can finally have our revenge,"I told them with a sly smile.

"Oh, and this is why we love you Monserratt, you always come up with great ideas,"replied Esperanza chuckling while giving me a side hug.

"So, prepare your bags sisters, we're going to Forks,"spoke Paloma running upstairs with such exciment.


Paloma was brushing her long wavy blonde hair, while her blue eyes sparkle in the reflection of the mirror as they starred back at her. Her almond skin tone glowing with the moonlight's light. She was humming the lullaby our mother used to sing to us when we were little and couldn't sleep, when we were scared, or when we couldn't stop crying.

Then my eyes traveled to were Esperanza was standing, nect to the window. The breeze was hitting her, so, her long red wavy hair was flowing in the air. Her green eyes starring at something out in space. I could tell she was in a deep thought. Her fair skin almost noticeble in the night.

Finally my eyes settled on the mirror infront of me. A pale girl looked back at me with, her pale gray eyes with blue specks pierced into mine. Her long black wavy har flowing in the wind, just like her sister's, Esperanza, hair was a moment ago.

People sometimes don't believe we are triplets, the only thing we have common is that our hair is wavy, and that's it. But we do understand each other, more than anybody else could. We've been through the same thing, and we want the same thing.

All we want is for our parents and past loves to be avenge! They didn't deserve to die the way they did, not at all. I just hope that we get to avenge them.

"Come on girls, we don't want to be late,"said Esperanza grabbing her car keys, and tossing our keys to their owners.

"Well, the bags are in the cars....let's go,"said Paloma with a smirk. We all ran vampire speed to our cars, and stepped on the gas. We didn't want to be late after all.

Bella's POV

We were all getting to know each other, and Edward was explaining to them how they are forbbiden to hunt in Forks or anywhere near.

"What if we feed on animal blood?"asked a blonde one, and I noticed he had blue eyes. He was from the Britt coven, I could tell by his eye color, they actually had color in them

"That's different, Niall,"Edward replied with a chuckle probably reading his thoughts. Edward had actually sent for them, they are really close to him and Rose. Their coven consists of seven people, five guys and two girls.

"Good,"he replied.

"Well, I would like you to meet my wife Bella, since you didn't come to our wedding,"spoke Edward coming for me. Ness quickly went with her aunt Rose.

"We are sorry Edward, we were...busy,"replied the brunette girl.

"I know, Bella this are some really good friends of ours, they are Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, his mate Eleanor, Zayn, and his mate Perrie...this is my wife Bella."

I noticed that Perrie had dyed her hair purple, I didn't know vampire could dye their hair.

"It's nice to finally meet you Bella,"said Niall, as his eyes went from blue to golden, catching me off guard.

"They all have the power to pass as humans, so, they can change their eye color back to what it used to be when they were human,"Edward explained reading my expression,"Which is why she can dye her hair."

"Are you sure you can read my mind?"I asked him through a laugh, making Eleanor and Perrie laugh.

"You know I can't...I wish,"he replied smiling.

I was about to repond when suddenly, my nose caught three scents I wasn't familiar with, and I could tell they were coming this way.

"Edward,"I whispered alarmed. Edward simply nodded, and ran outside. I grabbed Ness and quickly followed him. It took me a second to realize that I was the last one out, even the wolf pack was ready.

Three mustangs, a yellow one, a blue one, and white one, were driving up. They stopped right infront of us, the doors open and one girl came out of each car.

Monserratt POV's

"Where is Garrett at?"I said as soon as I stepped out of my blue Mustang. I look back to see Esperanza closing the door to her white Mustang, and Paloma was leaning against her open door to her yellow Mustang.

"Here I am darlings,"replied Garrett stepping out of the little crowd formed. Unspoken questions were filling the air, but I could hear them, and I know my sisters too. Someone here is a mind reader.

"Yes you are,"chuckled Paloma closingg her car door and walking forward with Esperanza. We gave Garrett his hug, he usually isn't a people person but he adores us.

"Glad you can all make it,"he said.

"You know we wouldn't miss it for the world,"I replied with an innocent smile, causing him to laugh,"Plus, we couldn't miss this great chance."

"Uh..Garrett care to explain?"asked a blonde guy, I quickly got his name by someone else's though, Carlisle. Well, this is going to be interesting!

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