The Lost Soul (Loki Love Story) EDITED

The Lost Soul (Loki Love Story) EDITED

The All-father, Odin faces a decision. He knows that Loki's mind is twisted and his soul broken, but how to fix it? Loki couldn’t be let loose; he'd wreck havoc and destruction. Odin makes the decision to send Loki down to Midgard again (With Thor, of course) so Loki can redeem himself, put his life back together and make amends with the mortals. When Loki meets one of the newest Agents of SHIELD, he can't help but fall in love. And what will happen when Thanos comes calling? Chaos, of course.

Chapter 1


by: 68687
Odin paced around his large and vast chambers, his wife Frigga looking worried. He had a decision to make, a big and very important decision. Send Loki to Midgard or keep him here and let the Asgardian court decide his punishment, which would undoubtedly mean death, which would undoubtedly crush Thor, who would go on a rampage of sorrow, even though Loki betrayed him.

Why Thor still loved Loki, Odin did not fully understand. But he had a vague idea that brotherly love had a great deal to do with the situation. Let Loki go down to Midgard, or keep him here where my advisors will persuade me to somehow kill him? Odin thought.

"Is there something wrong, my dearest?" asked Frigga's gentle voice.

"Oh... just some duties and decisions I am pondering about." Odin lied. He didn't want to trouble his wife with this, for she had always had a soft spot for Loki. But Frigga could see right through her husband’s lie.

"Odin, what is troubling you? Is it Loki?" She questioned. Odin sighed deeply. He stopped pacing, and turned to his wife, ready to explain his problem.

"My advisors and most of Asgard are telling me to punish Loki cruelly or execute him. Thor says that Loki should come down to Midgard with him and make amends with the Mortals. But when I told my advisors and some court members about this idea, they were immediately against it.

"They call for his blood. They want him to feel what he did to those poor Mortals. But what good will it do? It would just build Loki's rage and twist his mind even more. It would make him go completely mad, and we'd never have the shy, quiet and pleasant Loki back. This is what Thor says about it. I do not have the faintest idea what do to." Odin explained warily.

"I know he is my son, but Asgard would be outraged if I let him try to make amends. I do not agree with what Loki did on Midgard, what he did was outrageous. But he did it out of sheer anger and betrayal. He is broken, Frigga. And I don't know how to put him back together again." Odin finished, with another deep sigh.

Frigga pondered on what the All Father had said. It was true, Loki did horrible things to the Mortals, but it was also true that he was completely mad and outraged and worst of all, betrayed. That would make anyone go insane. Frigga loved her adopted son as much as Thor did. That may be one of the reasons Loki had no grudge against her. The queen knew that torturing Loki would make him go completely sane, and he'd never be back to normal. Killing him wouldn’t bring all those Mortals back to life; he'd just be free to go in the After Life.

"Odin, I think you should do what Thor suggested. You are the All Father, after all, and what Asgard says shouldn't change your mind on the punishment of your son. But, although I would be greatly saddened, if you see it fit to punish Loki, you have all right to do so. But it would not heal anything. In fact, it would make matters worse." Frigga explained. "Think of Thor, he would be crushed to see his brother like that. He is already greatly saddend by Loki's behaviour. Thor may look like a man, but he still acts like a child at times, that is why he cannot let go. I probably wouldn't be capable either, so I do not blame him."

Odin thought deeply at Frigga's wise words. Thor's idea or the courts idea?

"I think it would be prudent to let Loki go to Midgard, with Thor of course, and be handed into the hands of this 'Avengers' and 'SHIELD'. And I can make sure that he cannot use his magic harmfully, although Loki without magic on a completely different realm and way of life would be quite a problem. So it would be best to let him use his magic, but scarcely. Is that a good solution, my love?" said Odin.

Frigga beamed at her husband’s reply.

"Yes, that is perfect. Shall you go tell Thor?"

"I shall. He can tell Loki the news, I daresay that Loki would be a bit happy to be able to wander around, even if he does have Thor with him at all times. And I shall have him send me reports of Loki's behaviour. This is all to make Loki his true self once again, and to fix the problems he created on Midgard." Odin explained to his wife.

Hopefully, this plan would work. Hopefully.

A/N: Was it good? I know, it was short, but, I got a very good idea for this! Anyways, if you have any constructive critisism, it is always welcome! Comment, Rate and Favorite, if you would please!

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