You Look Amazing Standing Alone (1D)

This is bye me and RueandMadge all feedback is welcome
We both get hyper alot and so this story may get crazy at some points
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Chapter 1

I know i am not normal XD

My surname means a lot more to most people then my first name. Most people are remembered by their first name but when someone meets me the thing that sticks in their mind is my surname. You want to know why?
I am a Horan. Niall is my twin brother.
My name i was given at birth is horrible so now I always introduce myself by my nickname, Cherry. Everyone calls me Cherry because I eat so many. But if your name was Pearl Horan you would prefer Cherry as well!
Me and Niall are going over to meet up with the rest of his band today i am going because we are going to a guy called Louis' house and he has a little sister that is going to be there.
"Cherry hurry up!" That was Niall he is nervous that I am going to hate his band because i don't get along with many people.
Well that is the thing i like lots of people but then they get scared of me and don't like me so how am i supposed to be friends with people who are scared of me?
"Niall calm down i will try not to be too violent!" I yelled back smirking
"If any of my band ends up in hospital you will have to take their place" he smirks back
He knows i get stage fright!
We have to catch a plane in half an hour and i have locked myself in the bathroom for an hour deciding how to do my hair.
Don't judge me i am going to be meeting four 'hot' boys, or so the internet says.
I finally decide that I should let my hyper side shine because that is basically all there is to me!
I put my hair up in a lady gaga bow and grab some coloured hair dye (green) to show my irish side. XD
I look down at what i am wearing. Hmm does the green go with the red?
Well i have to wear red other wise they wouldn't meet the real me so if i make everything completely different colours then it will look funky. (To me that is) some people say it just makes me look crazy.
Which i am but i prefer the term quirky XD
I pull up my mini skirt that i was wearing just to annoy Niall I was going to change a soon as he saw it but i was in a random mood. Like always
"Niall have you packed the food for the flight?" I called as i stepped out
"Yeah and i packed enough cherries for you i think" he chuckled
"I love you" i called
He laughed then saw what i was wearing "change the skirt" he said in an exhausted voice.
I rolled my eyes and skipped up the stairs and changed into fluorescent yellow jeans and blue leg warmed over the top.
I skipped back down and hugged Niall and kissed his check getting my purple lipstick all over him
He burst out laughing "they are going to think your a hippy" he said shaking his head
"Well you know whenever i meet new people i have to wear some red and then i sprayed my hair green for Ireland because we are going to England and then green and red looked weird so i decided if you are going for completely different colours you have to go the whole way and i think i look spiffing" i ended in my best english accent which people always say is really good i can do any accent i want but when i speak normally my Irish accent is the strongest you will find in a long time. XD
"You really are crazy anyway we have to go or we will be late are you ready?" Niall asked
I nodded while he didn't even realise the lipstick on his face it was so funny.
I skipped outside to where the taxi was waiting and we left are small town in a hurry excited to land in Robin Hood airport.
When we arrived at the airport me and Niall raced to pay the driver we always do because Niall hates me paying for anything he says i am his sister and he wants to look after me which always makes me laugh but i can say the same for him (except he is my brother or at least i think he is a boy...)
I won so i jumped up amd down in my orange wedges getting many weird looks and also looks of amazement at how well i could balance in such high heels.
But that is just one of my amazing talents XD Niall can sing i can do anything in heels without ever tripping in fact i am more likely to trip in flats because when i am walking in flats i get clumsy but when i run in flats i am fine and when do anything in heels i am fine.
Niall burst out laughing at me in his almost unique laugh.
Most people think it is unique but what they don't know is my laugh is the same.
"Shudup Niall i am hungry" i complain in my normal strong accent
That gets him to stop because it makes him remember he is hungry too.
We are so alike in personalities and before he dyed his hair we looked quite similar as well. But what do you expect from twins that get along as well as we do. We always use to prank Greg together even though it was always my idea.
Niall dragged me inside away from the staring people. We were glad it was just old people and we hadn't seen any fans yet.
I do not say fan girls because fan boys can be just as crazy and it is sexist to say that it is fan girls to be scared of. And you probably guessed by now i am a feminist.
Niall dragged me to the food court while i laughed. He didn't have to drag me much because i wanted food just as much as him.
We went into Starbucks and bought some frapachinos and giant muffins. We were going to miss our flight if we got any more and most normal people would miss their flight if they ate with as little time as this left but we are the Horan twins and when it comes to eating it doesn't take us long.
I wolfed down my muffin and downed my drink quicker then Niall getting many weird looks for eating so quickly.
Then i jumped up and sat on the floor in the middle of the food court at the airport doing yoga. Why do people alway give me weird looks where ever i go. Even Niall was giving me a weird look now as i did a shoulder stand.
"Niall your mouth is for eating not gaping" i said
He chuckled and went back to finishing his muffin.
When he was done i jumped up and grabbed his hand dragging him to the check in.
Once we where let through all of security and got through the gate we took our first class seats. Sadly Niall had planned the trip before he told me and so bought the tickets before i even knew we were going so he won that race :(
I lay back on the quick flight and relaxed falling asleep quickly on Niall's shoulder.

I awoke to Niall singing quietly in my ear to get up. Like always only this time he wouldn't be able to do the loud bit and jump on me so i smiled and stayed still.
"Cherry i will get rid of all the cherries if you don't get up"
I shot up and he chuckled. I glared at him and took out my compact mirror to fix my crazy makeup and hair.
I grabbed some cherries out of my ruck sack and ate them happily.
Niall shook his head at me. "We have to actually get off the plain sis"
I busjhed and put some cherries back in my bag but as i stood up i still had a handfull.
We were the first off the plain because somehow the news that Niall was coming to Robin Hood airport got loose and there was many fan people wanting to meet him. Nobody knew who i was so he used the fact that he was with me as his disguise.
I giggled as we passed many fans with him hiding his face into me.
We reached a taxi and took off to Louis Tomlinson's house on the final stage of our journey.
Niall was texting the whole of the band and they were all arriving tomorrow but because we had the longest journey we came a day early.
Niall was laughing at some texts when all of a sudden he frowned.
I looked over his shoulder to see he had a text from Harry Styles Is your sister hoy?
I laughed knowing how Niall reacts to boys thinking about me in that way. He stared at the phone not doing anything so i snatched it off him and replied Hey i am miss Horan and i am extremely hot and sexy ;) but if you say anything like that to Niall be scared be very scared. But i am the hottest person on the planet so when you meet me try not to get a bonor ;)
I laughed as i clicked send.
Niall snapped out of his trance and grabbed the phone back when he looked at the message i had sent he rolled his eyes. "Please don't say you like Harry" he begged
"No way he is so not my type!" I told Niall laughing
We pulled up to the Tomlinson residence and Niall rung the door bell while i did a celebration dance for beating Niall to paying the taxi driver.
The door swung open while i was still dancing and someone burst out laughing.
I spun around to the open door.
"Hello i am Louis" said the boy who was laughing at me
I imitated his accent "hello you can call me Cherry"
He looked confused "I thought your sister lived with you in Ireland not somewhere in york?" He questioned Niall
Niall burst out laughing "Cherry stop messin' and speak normally your confusing people with your imitation" he jokingly told me off
"Well I enjoy life unlike some people" i pretended to sulk in my strong Irish accent
Louis was laughing again along with Niall well all of a sudden a tiger came jumping out the door towards Niall.
It had braces and it looked really cute.
Niall thought it was attacking him and started hitting it really hard with a brick he found on the floor so me and my parrot Kelly that i had brought with me started attacking Niall for hurting such a cutie pie.
Niall ended up on the floor cowering away from me. So i stood up and went over to the tiger with Kelly and stroked it. "Hello what is your name?" I said patting it
Louis looked in shock as he looked between me, Niall and the tiger.
All of a sudden a girl bout my age maybe about a year younger appeared at the door.
"I see you met Moe" she giggled
"Yeah he is a cutie" i said
"Well i am Topaz" she said to me and the slowly recovering Niall.


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