Skin And Bones

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Chapter 3

Starve 'Til You're Beautiful


The alarm clock sitting on my bed's headboard went off. The green number lit up 6:30. My hand tapped on the Snooze button, and my body lifted to a seated position. I waited 8 minutes for the alarm to go off again so I knew I was officially awake, and then I turned off the alarm. I got out of the cotton soft bed. Quickly, I changed into the outfit that Megan had set out for me. She claimed that the more layers I wore, the more I would sweat. According to her, sweating is good.

Last night I had weighed myself, and the scale had showed a whopping 138 pounds. Being only five feet tall, I had 28 pounds to lose. I shoved my iPod into my pocket and put the ear buds in my ears. It was time to go jogging.

2 Hours Later~

I walked up to the porch of the building I called home. I sat down on the front steps and took a good fifteen minutes to catch my breath. My lungs were burning. My heart was thudding against my ribcage. I felt like my lungs were ripping open. Sweat poured into my eyes. After relaxing in the 89 degree heat. Today was going to be a scorcher since it's this hot and only 8:30 in the morning.

I walked inside and pulled on my swimsuit. It consisted of a one piece with lace sides and a low back. I felt fat in it since I had gained a good ten pounds since I bought it. I picked up my cell phone and dialed Megan. After about four rings, she picked up. "Hey, how was the jog?"

"Long. Hard. It better be worth it." I mumbled. The phone was on speaker since I didn't want to put it against my sweaty face.

"It will be. Have you eaten anything today?" Megan questioned.

"Nope. We can get something for lunch. Do you want to come over and swim? I call Claire and Beth and see if they want to practice lifts and stunts for cheer try outs." I offered.

"Yeah! That sounds great! I'll bring the food for lunch. You need to eat for the body you want, and I can help you with that. I'll see you in twenty minutes." She said. I heard her open her dresser drawers, probably looking for her swimsuit.

"K, bye." I hung up and sent a text to Claire and Beth. Claire is a tall, athletic, blonde. She's our back spot in cheerleading, and our setter for volleyball. She's muscular and doesn't have an ounce of fat. Beth is our left base for cheerleading. Beth has black hair styled in and angled bob that's longer in the front. She has the most gorgeous violet eyes. She was skinny and muscular as well, but she was constantly snacking. No one knows where all the food goes since she's so small. We all guessed it went toward her toned muscles. I wonder if any of them have put on weight this summer..

I walked to the hall closet and pulled out a beach towel. Slowly I made my way down the spiral staircase and out to the in-ground pool. I laid down the towel onto the cement and laid down on top of it. The sun was still rising in the sky, but it's rays were beating down on me. It felt nice until the stickiness from the sweat began to set in. I moaned and stood up.

The pool water was crystal clear and bright blue. No bugs marred the surface or dirt on the floor, meaning my dad had vacuumed and skimmed this morning before he left for work. Walking to the edge of the diving board, I hopped on it a couple of times. Then I leaped off the board and made a wide arch in the air with my body. My arms raised above my head and tightened against my ears while my legs pressed together and my toes pointed. My fingertips touched the chilly water first and sent shivers up my spine as the rest of my body submerged into the liquid. My ears popped from the depth and the water cleansed my body of the sticky sweat. I reached the bottom of the pool and sat after blowing all of the air out of my lungs. This was always something I enjoyed doing. It was quiet...serene. After my lungs started to beg for air, my legs pushed on the pool floor and my arms pulled me through the water. Once I broke through the surface, I swam to the edge of the pool and then lifted myself up and out of the water.

"Hello, Fishy." A voice above me said.

I looked up and saw a boy. A very familiar boy. "Cameron?!" I stood up and looked at him. "I thought you were living with your dad!" I went to hug him, but then quickly realized I was soaked now.

"I was going to, but Sarah moved in. So, I decided I would rather live with my real man than my fake mom." He looked at me. "You look different...Have you put on some weight?" My heart sank suddenly.

"Um..yeah. I'm working on getting it off, though. Jogging and swimming, new diet, too." I stated.

He nodded. "I'm not saying you look bad. You look good. Fuller than you used to. I'd say stay at that weight." Cameron added.

"Thanks, thanks. Why don't you run home and get your trunks? Claire, Beth, and Megan are coming over to swim and stunt. You could come and help, Mr. All Star." I said and gave him a smile.

Cameron shoved his hands into his jean pockets. "I guess. Are you still flying?"

I shrugged. "I don't think so. I've put on too much. I wouldn't get very high. I think we're just going to have Megan fly. She's eighteen pounds less. She'd get higher."

"Okay, well, I'll come if I can still lift you." He said and smiled.

I smiled back. "Yes, Sir." After that he said good-bye and left through the door in the gate.

Cameron and I had grown up on an All Star cheer team together. They always paired us together for stunting. Cameron has black, spiky hair and chocolatey brown eyes that contained blue flecks every once in a while. He was rather lean in muscles considering he was our guy base in high school cheer. I've had a crush on him since we were little. He's always lived two houses down. He's always been extremely nice and considerate. He's always been my best friend. He won't like you until you look like Megan.. A voice in my head whispered bad things to me. I shook my head and tried to dismiss the new voice that I wasn't accustomed to. What's happening to me?

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