Skin And Bones

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Chapter 2

Find Some Control...

Dear Readers,
I realize a LOT of you will not know what Whitey's is. I feel extremely sorry for you. It's an amazing ice cream shop in the midwest. Best. Ice cream. Ever.
- Gabby

We walked into the mall. The smells were the first things that struck me: burnt pizza, breadsticks, Chik-Fil-A, Subway, Panda Express, and of course, Wetzel Pretzels. I inhaled deeply and smiled. My love for food had reached it's highest this summer since I had been grounded to the house for most of it. I had discovered the act of bordom eating, and boy was that habit going to be hard to kick. "Megan, you have to get Whitey's with me!" I exclaimed and clutched her thin arm.

Megan quickly shook my hand free. "Lacey, what did we just talk about? You've eaten enough for the entire day! Do you really want to eat more? You'll be lucky if you fit into anything at Body Central." She pointed out quickly. A small sigh escaped my lips, and we continued walking past the ice cream shop. The large mall was packed to full capacity since the high schoolers all wanted new outfits for their first days back next week.

Megan and I walked for seven minutes, pushing and shoving our way through the masses, before we reached our destination. That destination being Body Central was like a candy store for our eyes. We practically ran in toward the half of the store solely dedicated to clubbing. If I was Alice, this was Wonderland.

After combing through racks of clothing, I found three dresses that would look great at the club that night. I hurried through the crowd to a dressing room. Luckily, Megan had gotten to one and we shared. While changing, I noticed how I couldn't squeeze into a medium anymore. My heart squeezed inside my chest. " won't even be accepted onto the team."

"How do you think this looks?" Megan asked and looked in the full length mirror on the door. She had changed into a short, skin-tight, red dress that hit mid-thigh. I longed to look like she did.

"It looks great. What size is it?"

"Extra small," she declared with a smile.

"Can we leave? I want to go home and start know..for cheer practice." I asked.

"Sure, just let me buy this."

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