Skin And Bones

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Chapter 1

You're sickness feels like home..


"Lacey! Are you coming home with me?" Megan yelled my name from the bathroom door. I put down the 6" Subway sandwich I was almost finished with.

"Yeah, let me finish eating." I said back. I finished eating the Buffalo Chicken with Ranch sandwich and began on the chocolate cookies. By the time I had finished devouring the cookies, Megan was out of the bathroom. My blonde, blue eyed, tan-skinned best friend skipped over to me.

"Geez, you finished all of that while I was in the bathroom?! Oink, oink." She teased me. I simply rolled my eyes. Megan had a model figure and was absolutely gorgeous. "Ready to go?" Megan asked and picked up her black backpack which was her version of a purse. I nodded, stood up, and threw away all of the wrappers.

"Let's go to the mall. I need a dress for the club tonight." I stated. Megan simply nodded and we walked out to her red Ford Fusion. We hopped in and rolled down the windows. The summer heat was at it's worst now that we were in August (the twenty-second to be exact). It was a fiery 101 degrees outside, and the sun seemed to be raining down more heat by the minute. I looked over at Megan. There wasn't a single drop of sweat on her perfectly arched brows. She was wearing a 3/4 sleeve t-shirt and capris. "How are you not sweating?" I asked in amazement.

She shrugged. "I'm usually really cold. I guess I don't get enough nutrients or whatever." Megan said as she pulled out of the Subway parking lot.

"That makes sense since you never eat."

"Hey, I eat! I ate more than you today at lunch." Her fact was true. She had devoured a foot long sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich, a bag of chips, and three chocolate chip cookies. She had also refilled her cup with Coke 4 times. She always drinks a lot. That's probably why she always goes to the bathroom afterwards. "At least I'm skinny. You gained a couple pounds over the summer." She pointed at my stomach.

Her accusation was true. I had gained 10 pounds this summer and now hit 130. It was disgusting. I'm only 5' tall, and I'm supposed to weigh 100 pounds. "Dude, shut up. It'll come off in cheer."

"You better go on a diet, or you won't even be accepted onto the team. The don't like jigglers." Megan stated and parked in the parking lot in front of the food court at the mall.

I nodded. "Yeah, I guess I'll start running tomorrow." I mumbled and got out of the car.

Little did I know that her small comments would send me into a downward spiral into a thin oblivion...

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