20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge

20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge

Okay, so I saw this on Tumblr, and I thought it was cool, so I made this on Quibblo.. Oh, and it's a re-post! I can't post the username of the Tumblr user who made this, because Quibblo says the username is an inappropriate word.

Chapter 1

20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge

Day 01: Favorite Character
Day 02: Least Favorite Character
Day 03: Favorite Monster/Creature
Day 04: Favorite Fan Theory or Headcanon
Day 05: Favorite AU
Day 06: Favorite Outfit/Sweater
Day 07: Scariest Moment
Day 08: Favorite Moment
Day 09: Favorite Minor/Background Character
Day 10: Place I’d Like to Go to
Day 11: Favorite Teenager
Day 12: Favorite Song
Day 13: Guest Star I’d Like to See
Day 14: Creature I’d Like to See
Day 15: Favorite Relationship
Day 16: Favorite TV Program
Day 17: Favorite Antagonist
Day 18: Memorable Quote
Day 19: Favorite Episode
Day 20: I Love Gravity Falls Because

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