Life of a Badass

Life of a Badass

This is not a bad boy story, so if you were looking forward to it. I sorry that I don't care. This is a bad girl story. Since no one knows how to write a proper one, given that they're not bad girls/boys. So yeah scroll down and start reading bro, and add me as a friend, and stuff. Oh, yeah it's fan- faction thingie. MB and all that good stuff.

Chapter 1

Three Options

"Is there a reason for you being late Ms.Vascez?" The Mr. Foster asked. "Kinda. I felt like sleeping in, so I did" I said."Well, I feel like you deserve detention. And that's what your going to get. Now take your seat and start the notes."


I took my usual seat in the back by the window, and I took my notes. When we started the class work I just took out my phone and started playing Fun Run with my best friend Marisol. (A/N: Love that game)

" clears throat Ms. Vascez three questions. Why is your phone out during class? Why aren't you doing your class work? And office or confiscation of your phone?" He asked. " To play Fun Run. And I was having Fun. Runnig" I said while quickly packing my stuff so I could go to the office. "You need a pass". "Not really". And with that I was walking down the hall. Soon to a rent-a-cop walking with me.

"What did you do this time?" One of the security guards asked me.
" I'm actually very fond of my phone thank you". I replied.
"Well come on, you know where to go". He said plainly.
"Of course. And since I have detention today I expect what your debt in snacks to paid". I said.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah we'll see just get in the office already". He replied.

I laugh and walked in the door, and greeted Ms. Woods. I asked how her birthday was, and if she could hold my phone for me while I went to Mrs. Bowes office. And as always she did after a "stern" look.
Before I walked in, I thought about what I was going to say to get out of getting suspend this time.

Hmm, stayed up late working on a project? nah I think I used that one... thrice. Cranky from late night babysitting? nooo used that so many times, she might call home. Arrested? no my parole officer would've called. Aha Testing's tomorrow perfect!

I put on an innocent face, and walked in. I saw four familiar guys just sitting there, looking at me like tf bro?.

"Um, Heeyeeeyyyy Mrs.Bowes, How's life been?" I said, not even acknowledging their presence.
" hard sigh It hasn't even been 20 minutes Ms.Vascez" She said sounding obviously frustrated. Damn
"Uhh records are meant to be broken?" I kind of questioned with a goofy, yet nervous smile.

Please don't suspend me again. please don't suspend me again... Wait PLEASE DON"T LET HER EXPELL ME!

" she let out a chuckle Carter.... Knowing you. I'm not even going to ask you for your phone." She said.
"Thanks Mrs.Bowes. Wait your going to suspend me again?!? I have testing tomorrow." I said cutting her off.
"I never said I was going to suspend you. But you have three options." She said with a grin on her face.

crap, never a good sign

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