No way out -BxB-

No way out -BxB-

I was kidnapped by the most dangerous gang, and who was the leader? The boy who was mute, alone, and bullied at school. But here? He was the strong, almighty, firece boss. And I did something I shouldnt have, I fell in love with him. They were hiding something from me, but I have something worse. I have an ugly secret I never want anyone to know ever. But one moment jeperdizes my life and secret. Kidnapped by 6 boys will they accpet me and my secret? Will there be love or empty feelings?

Chapter 1

Kyle Blade

Hi my name is Kyle if you read, well I'm 18 yrs old living my life. No I'm not bullied in fact I'm popular, I blow my candles on December 26. I'm 5'4 in all, pretty short but I don't give a crap. I always smile no frowns, my smile always hides my true feelings, my true self. I have a deep dark secret if I tell I would be locked up and tested on everyday..My favorite color is white, i love Black veil Brides, writing is my passion, my family is decent nothing wrong, gay, and I cut. I cut cause of my secret. My favorite snack or food is sour patch. I'm very loud and happy person. I love to go to the park, I am going to go now byee!

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