Broken Wings

Chapter 1

The Dove and the Crow

The sweet, perfect dove sat in her tree,
Whistling a tune of peace and glee,
When all of a sudden, an ugly crow
Flew over there just to say hello.
The sweet, perfect dove didn't like her one bit,
But there she just let the ugly crow sit.
For she knew she could make the ugly crow go,
She had to find perfect words to say though.
So while the ugly crow whistled a tune,
She kept thinking and thinking till high noon.
Finally, thought of the perfect attack!
She said,"you have quite a few pounds to pack."
The ugly crow stopped singing to listen to her
And couldn't believe she didn notice it sooner!
The ugly crow felt embarrassed and sad
For the sweet, perfect dove was beautiful- more than a tad!
The sweet, perfect dove spoke on...
"I don't believe I even like your song."
With those words, the ugly crow flew away,
Which made the sweet, perfect dove's day!
The ugly crow flew far away, to a lake...
There wasn't any song she wished to make.
The ugly crow looked in the deep blue...
And saw how ugly she was too.
She was too upset, to flee...
So she flew directly into the trunk of a tree.
The ugly crow fell to the dirt,
Making her less alert.
She couldn't help but think of how ugly she was now-
Why, far uglier than a cow!
As she tried to take flight,
The ugly crow had to fight
To keep tears from her eyes,
For she had come to realize...
She heard the sweet, perfect dove sing,
As the ugly crow realized that she had broken her wing.


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