A letter for Maybelline.

Chapter 1

Dear Maybelline

Mere words can't express how much I loved you. There is nothing in the universe that I could compare our love to. I know that you're out there, with your eyes closed. I'm not one to be selfish, but I need you, I've never loved anyone as much as I loved you. You need to open your eyes and breathe, I need to feel you in my arms. I need to know that you're out there alive. I never doubted that you'd live. I know you'll survive. I know that you'll make me the happiest guy ever. I know I'm a selfless jerk, I know that you deserve better than me. But the best I can ever give you is all my love. Sure, tears fall, lives crumble, but I promise if you open your eyes, we can go through hard times together, hand in hand. I love you so much. It's impossible that you're dead. God would never take away such a beautiful gift. Life will slowly eat away the remains of pain. Let life do its job. Take my hand and live with me. Show that you are literal gold dust, prove to everyone that you are strong enough to smile, show the world how beautiful you are. I promise if you keep your head up and smile. All your dreams will come true. And if you do die... I'm coming with you. I promise that you'll never be alone. Ever.

I love you Maybelline.

~Alex Damian Fletcher, the boy that won't give up on you, no matter what.


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