Featured Story!

Chapter 1

Featured Story!

Hey everyone!
A while ago I said I was going to start a Featured story, group story. And I'm finally ready to start it!

Hunter and Tiffany are going to help me with it.

Links to their profiles:

In case you didn't see the first story I made about it. The "Featured story" is an original story or fanfic that could use some reads and comments.
If you want one of your stories or one of your friends' stories featured, just message one of us. (But please remember, that we're not going to feature all the stories that are suggested.)
Once it’s the Featured story, one of us will post a link to it in this story, and we’ll send out invites.
All we ask is that you read the story and give the author some feedback. :]

Any questions just comment or message one of us.

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