Never Alone

This a poem aBOUT God,AND HOW,WITH HIM, i'M NEVER Alone.

Chapter 1


When all the all the world hated me
you loved me all the same
When everything felt too hard
you helped me through the pain

there were times when I couldn't stand
but you helped me walk on through
Now,more than anything I love
I love you

Even on the darkest days
you give me light to see
I know that you love everyone
but I'm sure glad you love me

I'll never deserve you
but you don't care
no matter what I do
you're always there

There aren't words great enough
to speak of all you do
every gift and miracle
is all because of you

On the best and the worst days
you're always by my side
By myself I can barely walk,
but with you, I can glide

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