Quibblonians, The Old and Young Generations

Just Something

by Anthony J. C. Q.

Chapter 1


Alright, I keep thinking about this and it's been bugging me a lot. I've been on Quibblo for while. I had an account before this one and it got deleted so I made this one. I've been on for years. I mean, Quibblo was only half a year old when I started using the site. I've seen it change and grow.

There was a poll recently on the front page that asked people how long they've been a Quibblo member for. There were six options to choose from. Less Than a Year, About a Year, About Two Years, About Three Years, About Four Years, and More Than Four Years. I have been a member for about five years, so naturally I picked the last option.

Now here are the results of that poll. 5% of the people on here have been on longer that four years, 3% have been on for about a year, 5% have been on for about three years, 12% for about two years, 19% about a year and 57% members of Quibblo have been on for less than a year.

For all the older members, those who were on before there were stories, drafts, before you could theme your profile and before there was a 'Top Friends List' I think a lot of you know where I'm coming from when I say that Quibblo has changed a lot since we first started using this site. And a lot of it has to do with the new Quibblo Team we got a while back.

Now I'm not saying that the site hasn't gotten a bit better. I mean for a while we didn't have the option to save drafts, if we were making something we had better get it done right the first time because we couldn't save and go back anytime we wanted. And having a Top Friends List helps us to message the people we talk to most. I remember when everyone was writing their stories in the Personality Quizzes because that was one of the only ways you could write a story on here.

Maybe I sound like an old person when I say these things, but I feel like Quibblo just isn't the same as how it was before. It used to feel like a home to me. I'd get online and I felt like I was safe here. I had the best of friends and we'd always talk. Now a lot of my old friends on here either don't get on much, stopped using Quibblo or they got deleted. It's sad to see a friend leave, and if Quibblo was you're only way of contacting them it's even worse.

Quibblo was a home to me, it was my safe place. I'm not sure who else felt like this, but I remember when I'd get on and I'd have a few messages. I wasn't popular back then, but those messages meant something. It was either a friend request, an invite to a quiz or a message from a friend.

Now my inbox is flooded with Question quizzes and stories titled Repost, Blah, Blah. Before, if you needed help with something you wouldn't make a story just to ask people you didn't know. You'd find a friend, you'd message them asking for their help and you'd get their advice. You wouldn't spam everyone's inbox with the same question six times in a row.

I miss the old Quibblo. I miss the friends that left because Quibblo changed to much for them. I miss the friends that got flagged once so the new Quibblo Team decided to delete them. I miss the way things used to be. I'd always read a story if it was in my inbox, I'd always message someone who sent me a friend request, I'd always just go and find random stories to read when I was bored.

I've been on Quibblo for a long time, I've seen it grow and change. I've seen newer and newer generations of Quibblonians becoming members and turning a place that once was my home into a place that I don't really want to be on anymore. It used to be that if I wasn't sleeping I'd be on Quibblo, even if there was nothing to do it would still be open in another tab if I was doing something else. I couldn't go a day without getting on this site because all my friends were here and the people that I cared about most wanted me to be on. Now there are times when I just can't be on. I can't stand the way things are now. Many times I've thought about deleting my account and just leaving.

But I cant', because I want things to be like how they were before. I keep waiting for all these newer generations of Quibblonians to be different, to change and let things go back to the way they were before.

If you became a member of Quibblo in 07', whether on your account now, or an older one, you, like myself, are a First Generation Quibblonian. If you became a member in 08', you're a Second Generation Quibblonian. If it was 09' you're a Third Generation Quibblonian. 10' you're a Fourth Generation. 11' is a Fifth Generation and 12' is the Sixth Generation.

I hate to see than right now the Sixth Generation is more than half the users on Quibblo. I really do hate it. I'm not saying everyone for the Sixth Generation is bad or that they should leave, but it just kills me to know that out of all of us Quibblonians out there, there are so many that are going to be shaping the next Generation. I don't want the Seventh to be like the Sixth. I really don't want that.

I want us for the First, Second and Third Generations to start being more involved in everything. I want us Quibblo veterans to start making stories and quizzes like how we used to. I want us to help the new Generations to change and become something different than this, because how the Quibblonians are right now is how we'll always be if the older Generations don't do something to help the newer.

I don't want to be on here anymore. I don't want to be a part of Quibblo because of the stories and quizzes I see. Half of them are reposts, and the other half is people asking us what we think of them or if we think they're good-looking. I don't want to make it seem like I hate the new Generation because I know there are some good people there. But what I hate is the fact that we're making those types of quizzes and stories.

I can't be the only on from the first few Generations that thinks like this. I started out as a nobody, I would use the Personality Quiz to make stories and couldn't save them so I'd create them as soon as I was done. I was bad at first but I did get better. Now I write poems most of the time, but I changed, I got better. Like most of us from those older Generations. Remember the first quiz you made? I don't. Honestly. But I do remember how I felt when I would make a quiz and people would like it.

I'm not saying the newer Generations are messing Quibblo up, but this is all getting out of hand. I am a First Generation Quibblonian. I've practically been here since the beginning. I'm not saying we all need to go back to using Personality Quizzes to write stories, and I'm not saying we all need to stop being able to save drafts.

I'm saying the newet Generations need to stop for a second before they post their next quiz or story and realize what they're about to put out there. You can make a repost once in a little while for fun, but if every other day your making some type of repost then why are you here? You can do that on Facebook or Tumblr. This is a quiz and story site. We didn't become members just so we could make reposts and as questions to total strangers.

Take a second and look at the next thing you want to post. What's it about? What are you going to be sending out to all of us? Remember that what you put out to the rest of us reflects what people see in you. I'm not saying everything you write needs to be amazing and wonderful, I would like it if people stopped for a second and understood what they having been showing the rest of us.

None of you have to change every single thing about yourselves. You can completely ignore this if you want to and continue about without even giving this a second thought. I just want everyone to read this and think for a minute. Just stop and think. I want the older Generations to think about how things used to be and I want them to understand not just the good changes, but the bad changes Quibblo has made. I want the younger Generations to think about what they're doing and how it will shape the Generations that have yet to come. I'd like for the older Generations to find someone for the younger and tell them how it used to be. And I'd like for the younger Generations to find someone from the older and ask them how it used to be. Everyone, from every Generation needs to look back at the older quizzes and stories and then look at the newer ones and realize how much has changed.

I'm just a First Generation Quibblonian, but I miss how things used to be. Quibblo has changed, for the good and for the bad. I just want people to understand how I feel about all of this.


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