The Day My Life Stopped

Daniel was always a mostly average boy. He had a life, one just like mine, or yours. Well, not just like. It had issues. Like school. That was an issue. But life in general? It wasn't perfect, but it was decent. He could survive. Until that day. The day everything stopped for him. His life went crazy, having to make choices. What was more important, the betterment of him, or that of others? One of the many questions we all must ask. This is his story. A story of Life and Death.

Chapter 7


by: Mikey_
Over the next week, I didn't talk to Lucifer or Iova much. They said the in order to get me more powers, they had to become more "attuned" to my body. Dunno what that means. School was just as boring and dangerous as ever. Actually, it was even more boring, because with my excitement about the things in my body, and my AHDH, it made the clocks seem to move at a quarter of their normal speed. Still, I didn't fail as much in class, because whenever I was called on, either Lucifer or Iova could tell me the answer. And, since I was doing well, I got called on much less.

Attacks also became easier to avoid. Iova and Lucifer could see and hear basically everything going on in a room, so I would be warned by them the second before something happened. It made dodgeball pretty easy, too.

I was adjusting to having them in my body. I could mostly block thoughts I didn't want them to hear, and didn't jump anymore when they suddenly spoke to me while I was showering. It was like they were becoming a part of me.

A week later, they told me it was time to train more. I started heading to the shed, until I was told that for the next training, we would need to be near other people. So, I went to stand on the front lawn. Basically the place where everyone goes to hang out. Best place in school. Kinda pathetic, actually.

Anyway, I went out to the lawn, and sat under this big oak tree out there. I mean, massive. It must have been hundreds of years old. It made a nice backrest, so whenever I was just relaxing out here, this was where I sat. It was actually pretty nice.

I knew at this point that Iova and Lucifer would wait for me to start speaking, so I did immediatly. "Alright, what are you having me do today?"

Well, for the first part, nothing. I thought Iova was joking at first, but he was completely serious.


Yes. In the beginning, we're just going to try to manifest outside of your body. Keeping us inside you could possibly cause you to go insane, or possibly cause spontaneous combustion. We'll still be llinked to your mind, but it won't be as dangerous to you.

I blanched. "/As/ dangerous? As is, it's still dangerous?"

Well, yes, it could cause suicidal tendencies, or possibly the urge to cannibalize someone raw, bu not as bad.

"What about cannibalizing someone not raw?"

Well, if you want, it could be arranged. Medium well? That was Lucifer.

I shook my head. "No, it's fine. I don't really want to eat anyone."

Lucifer sighed. Fine. But if you ever feel the need-

"I'll tell you."


"Now, bodies. Go." I commanded. Probably not smart, commanding two gods. But they wouldn't hurt me, really.

Yes, yes. We already are. Iova tried to patronize me.

I nodded, and sat back under the tree, ready for a rest.

"Hey. Hey, wake up."

I opened my eyes and looked around. I couldn't see much, I was tired, and my vision was blurry. But there were two figures in front of me. I rubbed my eyes, and looked again.

They looked pretty weird. The one on my left was slender, really slender. He was wearing tan shorts and blue polo shirt. He had white hair, and his eyes were completely white. He looked like Quicksilver, from Marvel. He looked like he was in his early twenties.

The other was even stranger. He was jacked, like some body builder, and looked like a biker. He was wearing leather pants, and a leather jacket over a red muscle shirt that showed off his ripped muscles. His hair was black, and his eyes were the scariest part. The part the should have been white was black, and what should have been the iris, and pupil, was red. He looked like he was late thirties.

I suddenly realized who they were. "Iova? Lucifer?"

They nodded.

I smiled. Then I realized there were other students on the lawn. "Umm, won't they see you?"

Lucifer laughed."Nope. As if. Not unless we want them to. And that's what you can do now." his voice was powerful, commanding, like a drill sergeant.

"It's the skil you're getting today," Iova explained. "You will no longer be noticed by anyone unless you want them to notice you. You can make people not even know you're right in front of them, or make yourself the center of all their attention."

I nodded. Then grinned, as the ideas formed. No more attacks in the lunchroom, no more getting called on in class, the girl's locker room... The possibilities were endless.

"So how do I do it?"


I nodded, and walked over to a group of thugs, praying they wouldn't notice me. They always attacked me when the did. Iova and Lucifer converted to two little balls of light, and followed me.

I stood right in front of one of them. His name was Stone, a pretty accurate description of where his two brain cells were.

I stayed there, waiting to be pummeled, and nothing happened. Stone just kept staring forward, not noticing me, right in front of him.

I concentrated, and tried to make myself the center of attention for him. I knew it had worked when he jumped back.

"Dylan! Where did you-" he looked around. "Trying to surprise me, eh? Wanna fight, huh? Fine!" he pulled back a fist, and I made myself unnoticed again.

Then I got drilled in the face.

I fell to the ground, blacking out. I heard Iova speaking to me at the very end.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention. If someone has already completely noticed you, they cannot be made blind to you."

Nice job telling me before.

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