The Day My Life Stopped

Daniel was always a mostly average boy. He had a life, one just like mine, or yours. Well, not just like. It had issues. Like school. That was an issue. But life in general? It wasn't perfect, but it was decent. He could survive. Until that day. The day everything stopped for him. His life went crazy, having to make choices. What was more important, the betterment of him, or that of others? One of the many questions we all must ask. This is his story. A story of Life and Death.

Chapter 2


by: Mikey_
"Hey. Hey, wake up."

My roommate, Skeezy, was shaking me. I guess I had fallen asleep while reading. Ah, nothing like Jane Eyre to make one's brain cease to function. I stood up shakily and strectched, still half asleep. "What do you want, Skeezy?"

Skeezy was a tiny boy, even for a fourteen year old. That's another thing, what kind of person makes a fourteen year old schizo room with a seventeen year old ADHD guy? Fricking adults. It was like the we're trying to get us beat up, or something.

I smacked myself in the head. Brain was getting away from me.

"You know Roger?" Skeezy asked. I nodded. He was fifteen, and lived on the floor above. Klepto. Jerk. He was the one who set the tribe of druggies on me.

"Well, when I was just coming down the hall, I saw him come out the door with your watch. I thought that maybe you gave it to him, but you were sleeping, so I was like, 'Hey! He stole it! That watch is special!' because you know, not many people here get away with having a metal watch. Then I started to shake you, and-"

"Are you sure you saw him?" I asked, skeptic. As I said, Skeezy had schizophrenia. That's a disorder that makes it impossible to tell what's real and what's not. One time I came upon Skeezy in the hall, having a conversation with 'Jonathan,' a professional wrestler who had come to get us out. He thought that when he got confused like that, it was embarrassing, and I tried to keep it quiet. I mean, everyone knew he was a schizo, but they didn't need to find out about all his embarrassing experiences.

"Yep. Positive. It definitely wasn't... You know..." Skeezy replied. He was talking about his disorder. The issue was, he was always positive it was real.

"Here, look for you watch," he said. "If it isn't here, then I'm right. If not, I'm wrong."

I rolled my eyes, and went over to the drawer where I kept my watch. The watch would probably be near the bottom, I hadn't worn it for a while. I started tossing stuff out, onto my bed. When everything was, there was still no watch.

What had happened? I mean, my watch wasn't worth very much, and Roger was getting better. He was sill mean, but he hadn't stolen anything for months. What had made him start now?

"All right. Skeezy, stay here." I didn't want Skeezy to get hurt, and if he came, he almost certainly would. He was a twig, no muscle at all. And he was one of those four decent people. People here thought that schizophrenia was the worst thing you could have for a disorder, worse than being retarded, but in my opinion? I would rather be a decent person with schizophrenia than a bully with no issues at all. It's who we are on the inside that counts. Then again, I suppose our brains are inside us. So do our disorders count? Does that mean that people with disorders are superior? Sweet. I get to be in charge. They have no choice but to obey me. For I have extreme ADHD!

I stopped and thought for a minute, before smacking myself in the head. Fricking brain. I swung open the door and started sprinting to the stairwell.

I ran straight to Roger's room, and pounded on the door. No one answered, so I figured that he was hiding, and slammed my shoulder into the door as hard as I could.

Ouch. Trust me, that's not as effective as movies make it seem. I tried it a few more times, hoping the door would weaken, but no matter what I did, it stayed standing.

"There he is! Get him!"

A group of kids, the druggies, started running at me. They had only just gotten in, so they were still addicted. Thus, this happen at least twice a day. I would have fought, but I couldn't take four people. So, I ran.

I had almost made it to the stairwell, where I could lock the door and be safe, when something slammed into the back of my head, and I blacked out.

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