The Day My Life Stopped

Daniel was always a mostly average boy. He had a life, one just like mine, or yours. Well, not just like. It had issues. Like school. That was an issue. But life in general? It wasn't perfect, but it was decent. He could survive. Until that day. The day everything stopped for him. His life went crazy, having to make choices. What was more important, the betterment of him, or that of others? One of the many questions we all must ask. This is his story. A story of Life and Death.

Chapter 1

My World

by: Mikey_
"Daniel? Daniel!"

I sat straight up, slamming my back against the head of my chair. "Yes?"

Mrs. Gerhardt stared straight at me, like she wanted to kill me. That one glare that every female ever can do, the one that just says 'You shall die a very painful death some time soon.' If you're a guy, you know what I'm talking about. I've never been a girl, so I wouldn't know if you understand.

"Were you planning to answer the question?" she was still glaring. This was what I got for falling asleep in Physics.

"Umm... Yeah! Totally!" I smiled winningly (I hoped) at her. There was more glaring as I sat there grinning like an idiot.


I dropped the grin. "Alright, fine. The answer to your question is... Magnetic vector potential!"

"Try again, Daniel."

I sighed with exasperation. I hated Mrs. Gerhardt. "Shakespeare? Bioelectrogenesis? DanananananananaDananananananana BATMAN!" The rest of the class, except the brown-nosers and nerds were snickering, and Mrs. Gerhardt just looked exasperated.


"Yes Mrs. Gerhardt?"

"Please. If you don't know, just say."

"Say what?" I asked innocently. Ah, the pleasure driving teachers insane brings.

"Say you don't know."

I grinned. She should have known better. "Very well. You don't know. But, you are the teacher. Why did you ask me the question if you didn't know? I'm not here to solve your problems, Mrs. Gerhardt."

"Daniel. Please stop."

I smiled, and stopped talking. I didn't like this class, and Mrs. Gerhardt wasn't the kindest soul. But, she was loose. You never really got in trouble with her, just reprimanded. But you had to know when to stop. Still, now that I had had my alert minute, I could go back to sleeping for the rest of the period.

Later, after school was over, I headed straight home. Well, to my dorm. The only sports that school offered in the fall were soccer, cross country, and volleyball. The only one I actually liked was volleyball, and that was girls only. I was a sprinter, not a cross-country runner, and soccer had never appealed to me. I mean, what do European people see in it? It isn't entertaining. It's a bunch of men or men kicking a ball. I mean, if you want to see people kicking balls, do karate.

Anyway, if you didn't do sports, during the hour that others did, you were supposed to just go to your dorm and work on homework. Thing is, the teachers at Thayre Academy barley assigned homework, so it mostly meant sitting around and reading. I would have gone online, or watched TV, but the only computers were in the library, and they were regulated. We didn't have televisions. One of the things about going to a school for 'special' kids.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not Down, or anything. I'm just super, super ADHD. I wasnt a bad kid, it just caused problems. Apparently, mouthing off to a cop can get you arrested. And sent to a school filled with an interesting combination of delinquents, druggies, retards, and people like me. Square people that society tries to fit in a round hole.

Also, what kind of adult puts a kid with DiGeorge in the same place as a person who was tried for assault and battery? They would die if they were left alone.

Imagine being locked in a box of complete insanity. There are maybe four decent people not including yourself. Everyone else, all one hundred and eighteen, is either out to steal your stuff, beat you up, or to insane to care. Hell, imagine having some kid who didn't like you tell a methhead you had drugs, and the word spreading? Being hunted down, having to fight every day in order to eat, and having no way out of it, while the 'parents' who are supposed to love you say it's helping you.

Welcome to my world.

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