Chapter 1

Fall Equinox

I walked down the hall of the high school. Final year and I'm already 18, I couldn't wait to get out of this hell hole. Knowing about hell itself, this was a perfect comparison. Reaching my locker I opened it revealing a backpack, binders books, and charms. My pale, long fingers grabbed my bag and the leather bound books.
Nobody seemed to notice me, and when they did they would look me up and down with a disgusted look on their face. This was a school for preps. I was the dork in the preppy world. So what if I wore faded out jeans, a loose t-shirt and a baggy hoodie? My hair was an untameable and quite annoying. Usually thick, wavy and everywhere and might I say purple. Very dark, almost black, and everyone thinks I dyed it myself. It was as if I was an insult to their fashion world.
I slipped in with the crowd, weaving my way through the traffic of people. Unlocking my bike and leaving the school, I felt my cellphone vibrate, I've gotten a text message. I didn't bother reading it then, it was probably from one of the girls. Actually it had to be one of them, they were the only ones who knew my number.
It may be important. I squeezed the brakes and put my foot down to stop myself from falling over. Lifting up my green phone and pressed the enter button. The screen instantly lit up to reveal 1 new message from Vhreeta. I grinned, this was definitely going to be fun.
Opening the message it read Found the book, meet us at the hideout. Silently chuckling to myself I slipped the phone back into my pocket. Evil hunting we go.

When I made it home, I ran into the woods. Weird right? Well not so much, especially when you run out there and end up walking down a path of grass and moss. After following the path you would end up coming to a giant weeping willow. I pulled away the vines to reveal.....nothing. Scalae! Instantly a ladder made of rope appeared, leaving a small trace of sparkling dust.
Ahhh I love magic! Climbing up the rope I silently sighed, nothing could get better than this. When I arrived only Vhreeta was there. She was leaning over something, her long, pure white hair was covering it. Her matching white hand was pointing to something. I couldn't see her deep gray eyes. I had no idea what she was thinking.
Noticing I arrived, she leaned back gracefully. So, whatcha find? I asked, sitting on the couch beside her. Oh did I mention that I don't have a voice? Two years ago a demon took it, my coven didn't find me on time and we haven't been able to track him down. Now this might be it.
Every 50 years a demon could be summoned with incredible power, it's one of the only leads we've had for a while. It might just be the dirtbag. We might as well go and kick his sorry but and maybe he can give us some information. Great thing about me I can read minds and send out my own thoughts, great coincidence right?Especially since when my half sister here doesn't talk much.
So how do you summon it? She gracefully slid the open book to me. I've always envied how she could glide across the room, and be so graceful, like a ballerina or a figure skater. I looked down at the old, yellow pages

To Summon Electus:

1 Cup of Wolf's Bane
2 Cups of Goat's Blood
1 Dragon Claw
2 Hippogriff feathers
3 Pairs of Fairy Wings
1 Good Witch

I swallowed hard. Some of these are rare and dangerous to get. Well they were when this book was make, now it's all in jars in the basement. 1 Good Witch was stuck in my head. Why would a good witch be needed for this? A sacrifice? Bait? I had no idea, but I continued to read the instructions.

Every 50 years when the Blue Moon is full on the fall equinox, make the potion to summon the great demon Electus. The chosen good witch will throw the potion on the ground in front of her in a graveyard. Then must chant the words /Electus orior until the demon is summoned.

BEWARE: Electus is a powerful demon and will destroy you!

I looked over at Vhreeta. Does it say how to destroy him? She shook her head. We have to summon him! This may be the demon that will get my voice back! It's suicide Silver! Not with the coven! We are stronger together! This is a once in a lifetime chance to destroy him and maybe get my voice back! It's our job to vanquish evil, we might as well try.
Die trying Aquasilver! We will die trying! I flinched as she said my full first name, she was serious. Let's let the coven decide, then we'll see. I said, standing up from the couch I was sitting in, turned around. I'll see you at home. With that I jumped out of the tree house and landed in a crouch position.
Vhreeta didn't understand why I needed to do this, she just didn't. The others will understand I thought to myself. They will come with me a Vhreeta too once she realizes how important this is to me. I walked home in silence, I wasn't in a good mood, but the coven will agree they have to.

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