The life that we'll never forget (group story)

Um sorry if this isn't very good, but here's the first chapter

Chapter 1

Lilly's point of view

Uh god another day of school I wonder what will happen today, okay not really I don't care, I just can't wait for school to be over I've only got one more year till I leave. If you were wondering who I am I'm Lilly and well there's not really much to tell about me I'm 15 I have no friends, no one likes me not even my parents the only friend I have is my dog and I'm pretty sure not even he loves me...

-At school first period maths-

Starts drifting off
"Lilly wake up"!
"Sorry sir"
"Right since you've decided that maths is to tiring whats 240 reduced by 10%"?
"I..I.. I don't know sorry sir"
"Well maybe you should stop drifting off in my lessons and do some little revision, after school"
"No, please no, I'm sorry sir"
Maths was never my strong point I know its important but its just so boring and hard.
-Lunch time-
Where do I go at lunch your wondering, well that's easy I go outside of school to have a cigarette. That's the best thing about smoking it gives me time to be by myself.

-Back in school-
Gets pushed around everywhere
"Haha freak get a life"
Down on the floor again as I shed my tears after another day of this hell, I just need to runaway. So I ran not far just to the closest empty classroom, with no-one and nothing in it except a box, a box that would change my life forever...

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