Playing With Fire (A Hunger Games Group Story/FanFic)

The 128th Hunger Games come unannounced as all the children in Panem are scared they will get reaped and possibly die,but only a certain duo will win the Hunger Games,who are they?#MAYTHEODDSBEEVERINYOURFAVOUR!

Chapter 1

The District 2 reaping day

The news spread all over District 2,that my friend Nick will be reaped for the boy who will be tribute in the 128th Hunger Games,no one thought another year of the terrible competition will come.

"Clinton,I never thought that it would end like this"Nick said,making something out of stone,"its not ending here,they are over 25 boys in district 2 and you think you're the only one that can be reaped!"I said shaking him "But,my name was entered over 21 times!"He said whimpering.

"Don't worry,we will find a plan,but now I have to train with my grandmother"I said leaving for District 12 "Ok,but keep in touch,cause we have to make a plan before Wednesday"he said turning back to his stonework,I climbed the mountains while on the road to District 12,leaves from the trees on the path brushed against my face,I picked up apples to give my grandpa Finnick Odair,I ran into District 12 to find my grandma sitting on the stoop of her house,"hi grandma brought you some apples!"I laughed.

"Very cruel Clinton,just because I don't have any teeth you decide to bring me apples!"she exclaimed standing up,"Sorry,they weren't for you they were for grandpa Finnick"I said sympathetically "Clinton..Finnick was murdered yesterday by 4 goons from District 1,President Coin did not respond to the letter I sent him"she said with tears running down her face "those two timing weasels"I said kicking the ground "I'll get my bow and arrow inside"she said going inside the small shack-like house,auntie Prim came outside mourning like an old lady she is.

"I'm sorry for the loss"I said giving her a hug "its you that's supposed to be sorry"she said wiping her long trail of tears,"let's start!"Grandma said with her bow and arrow in her hand,"give this a shot"she said handing me the bow and arrow,I shot it at a deer and it missed by almost a 100cm "that was bad,don't you have anything else like a knife?"I asked putting the bow and arrow on the floor "actually yes we do"Aunt Prim said heading inside to fetch an army knife "your grandfather made this"she said placing it in my hands,I quickly threw it at a tree and it cut right in,"Thanks aunt Prim and you too grandma"I said running back into the mountains with my new knife.

I ran back into District 2 and headed to Nick's house,"I got a plan!"I said bursting into through the door,Nick lay there on ground with blood around him,"Hey!you're blowing this off!"he said sitting up "I thought you were dead!"I said gasping,"No,this is my plan,faking death!"he said "Very clever"I said applauding him "your parents are coming,die!"I said,"Clinton what are you-scream"Mrs.Chesterfield screamed as she cried beside her sons body "What did you do to him!"Mr.Chesterfield said with a stern look on his face "N-n-nothing sir"I said grasping the knife in my back pocket,"take him to the cemetery and dig up a hole!"Mr.Chesterfield ordered me.

I picked him up for the first 5 meters until we were clear of the house then I let him down "now go on Nick go to my grandma's house and stay there until I come back and if I don't I give you this,I gave him a mockingjay pin my grandma gave to me,"and remember stay away from District 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10,11 and 12 are safe for you to roam around"I said giving him a pat on the back and heading to my house.

The next day was reaping day,the whole District 2 was hit with awe,"here's you bowl of goat milk porridge"my mom said handing out porridge to my sister and I "and I laid out a tuxedo for your reaping today"my mom said turning her attention to the kettle,"yeah"I said,taking a spoonful of the porridge,disgusting I thought,but it was the only thing close to food we had,later that day,my 11 year old sister was playing with her dolls,she wasn't eligible to participate in the games,I went for reaping and stood in a huge crowd full of teenagers,Mary Poppins stood on the stage by the podium "District 3!aren't you loud today"she said with a huge smile on her face,no one was even talking at the time she said that "so let's get to the reaping and Happy Hunger Games,may the odds ever be with you!"she said,"the boy for this year is Nick Chesterfield!"She said clapping alone,"Nick?"she said pointing her finger at me "Nope Clinton"I said "well that's a shame and the girl tribute is-" "but I would like to volunteer"I said stepping up to the stage "that is very brave of you"Mary Poppins,she said the girls name and we said goodbye to our families and set off to the bloodiest Hunger Games EVER!

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