You Know You're a Grammar Nazi When....

I decided to have a little fun. Everyone who gets this story should post IN PROPER GRAMMAR ten ways to know you're a grammar nazi.

Chapter 9


You know you're a grammar nazi when...

1. You mentally corrected the begining of this chapter.

2. You mentally corrected the word "begining" into "beginning".

3. You have ever looked for a grammar mistake, reading something over.

4. You have ever gotten into an argument because they didn't use grammar.

5. You enjoy correcting people's mistakes.

6. You refuse to use words that can't be found in dictionaries.

7. u think ppl tat type lik this r rly dumb

8. You stop and think and worry about ONE word.

9. You have ever realized the term "I could care less" actually would give the opposite message of what is meant.

10. You get mad when you hear/see the word "ain't".

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