You Know You're a Grammar Nazi When....

I decided to have a little fun. Everyone who gets this story should post IN PROPER GRAMMAR ten ways to know you're a grammar nazi.

Chapter 3

Anousy/ _speaknow_

1. It comes naturally to use full forms and apostrophes, no matter where you're typing or writing.

2. A joke doesn't seem as funny to you if there's a misspelling or grammatical error.

3. Your usage of grammar is far better than even your English teacher's.

4. You literally have to FORCE yourself to stop correcting people mid-sentence.

5. You're angry with yourself whenever you realize you've made a spelling mistake/grammatical error.

6. You get slight feelings of anoyance when people type with numbers in between words (4g0t, me 2, etc)

7. You noticed that I misspelled 'annoyance' in number 6.

8. While reading a badly written article/story, you mentally correct all grammatical errors and misspellings.

9. You find it hard to go through a badly written article/story.

10. 'Your' and 'You're' are as different to you as 'To' and 'From'.

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