You Know You're a Grammar Nazi When....

I decided to have a little fun. Everyone who gets this story should post IN PROPER GRAMMAR ten ways to know you're a grammar nazi.

Chapter 2


1. You know how and when to use 'whom.'

2. Reading a poorly-written story or fanfiction totally saps any good from the plotline for you.

3. You don't have to write two+ 'rough drafts' for your essays - you just write the essay.

4. You know where to put punctuation with quotation marks - 'inside.'

5. You actually take the time to backspace when you make a mistake typing.

6. You reply to your own comments correcting yourself if you somehow managed to accidentally misspell something.

7. Writing in cursive is still easier and takes less time than 'printing.'

8. You know the difference between such words as 'effect' and 'affect,' 'then' and 'than,' and it annoys you when others don't.

9. You nearly have a heartattack when you see a commercial on kids' television using the word 'funner.'

10. You know you're a Grammar Nazi when you indent, keep your paragraphs within the 3-7 sentence limit, grammar check, correctly punctuate, and spell check your own diary entries.

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