You Know You're a Grammar Nazi When....

I decided to have a little fun. Everyone who gets this story should post IN PROPER GRAMMAR ten ways to know you're a grammar nazi.

Chapter 1


1. You tend to send text messages with full sentences and proper grammar, even though it took you extra time to send it.

2. Typing full length sentences into text messages no longer takes ten minutes.

3. Even when exhausted, you mentally correct people's text messages, messages, or emails.

4. You tend to actually correct people's text messages, messages, and emails.

5. You know the proper use for a semi-colon.

6. You also know the proper use for a colon.

7. Even though you may have learned another way, you still prefer the Oxford comma, when applicable.

8. Shorthand notes are not acceptable, even to save time.

9. You have found that writing full form doesn't take as long as it does others.

10. You had to catch yourself because you believed that number 8 was a fragment.

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