Everything Is About To Change...(A 2nd Genaration HP Group Story)

James- 6th
Albus- 5th
Lily- 2nd
Ted- Helps around the castle

Chapter 3

Lincoln's POV

"Alright wand... Clothes... Underwear" I checked aloud, running a hand through my feathered brown hair as I bit my lip in contemplation. Only five pairs of shoes? I shook my head, returning to my closet and decided my whole collection would be enough.
"Alright there's my books, my money, my... LIAM!" I cry seeing the toddler out of the corner of my eye. He was climbing dangerously on our grandmothers wobbly kitchen table and I nearly dove across the room to catch him as the reckless child nearly cracked his head open.
"Cookie!" He said in his young voice, pointing with a dimpled finger to the cookie jar on the table. I let out a sigh, body shaking with panic. Not only was I a clean freak, but I was a worry wort too.
"Don't scare LiLi like that Liam... You know you're not allowed to climb on furniture!" I said sternly, eying him with my cerulean blue eyes. He looked down, highly embarrassed as he rubbed his cheek on his shoulder.
"I sowwy..." He mumbled, thick accent always making my heart melt. I couldn't fight the smile as I pulled him in for a hug.
"I know you are... Here" I say, giving in and handing him the cookie he wanted.
"Now go wake Gran, it's almost time to go to the train" I say nodding with a wide smile. He waddles off, his run that of a drunken man as his tree-trunk legs were never very agile.
I laughed watching him, though a feeling of sadness soon followed. It'll be hard being without my little brother who's become almost a son to me...
"I'm gonna marry, the night! I'm not gonna cry anymore! I'm gonna marry-" My phone sang, and I playfully slid over to get it.
"Helloooo" I sang, seeing the caller i.d.
"Well hi boyfriend"
"Oh hello girlfriend! How I've missed you my love!" I cry dramatically. Star chuckles, the sound of motion and probably her brothers behind her.
"You too, dearest! Now we're almost at kings cross and I want to see the little guy! Get you're flat bum over here!"
"Excuse me... Flat" I repeat with joking insult. She only laughs, and the call ends. I grin to myself, closing my bag after checking over all my things one last time.
"LiLi, grandma's awake!" Liam cries triumphantly, stumbling back down the stairs and running up in front of me. He reaches his hands up, grabbing at my arms for me to hold him.
I oblige, taking the trunk in my other hand and making for the door.
"I'll be right there I just need my purse" My decrepit grandmother sputters, moving to us at snails pace.
"It's all right nan I'll drive us" I say in almost a shouting voice. It's all she could hear these days.
"Oh alright... Where are we going again?"
"The train station nan"
"Oh yes... Is Simon coming too?"
"Nan Simon died three years ago remember?" I cringe a bit at the sound of my fathers name, the memory was so fresh.
"Oh yes! Alright... Let's go,hurry it up!" She complains, as though I was the slow one. I only roll my eyes, and walk out to the car, Liam singing god knows what in my arms as I strapped him in the backseat.
"He's such a good little boy" Grandma smiles, relying on my to properly enter the passenger seat.
"He is..." I sigh, more to myself.
The car ride was quick, and filled with Liam's loud singing. Again, I couldn't pin point the song but it was rather fast and very loud. Me and grandma were getting a kick out of his little dance moves and dramatic faces.
"He's the performer, just like you!" She laughed and I could only blush, so I guess it runs in the family...
"Now Lincoln, can you explain to me one thing?"
"Yes nan?"
"Why do you have a girlfriend if you like boys?" I burst in a cackle, stopping in the car park of Kings Cross.
"Because, I want to hide it" I explain slowly. Her eyebrows furrowed and her wrinkles expressed her concern.
"Well that's terrible! No! No grandson of mine will hide! You are who you are boy and you'll tell them!" She said, puffing up her withered chest.
"Grandma, things aren't that easy-"
"Yes they are."
"No they're no-"
"Anyone tries to hurt you, I'll beat them up" She snaps quickly, eyes blazing with a young spirit. I laugh again, Liam now punching the air as he pretended to be a power ranger.
"You two are a bloody circus you know that" I chuckle, getting out and unstrapping both the 80 year old woman, and 3 year old boy.
"Hey Lincoln!" I hear a familiar voice call. I look up, waving to Star happily as I examined my reflection in the window of the car. My fringe in place, pants buttoned, sweater fitting nice...What?! I like to look good!
"Oh Star dear!" My grandma said excitedly, limping over to her with her cane. Star gently hugged her back, treating her as though made of glass. "I just want to warn you... If my grandson ever wants to come out I want you to let him! But you beat the crap outta anyone who touches hi-"
"Oh my god Grandma please stop talking" I burst, forced smile on my face as Star's familiar slowly approaches. Thankfully they didn't hear and shook my hand naturally.
"You ready to go?" Star asks with a sigh, excitement filling her eyes.
"Wait... Wait, where you going? I come?" Liam whimpers, looking around frantically. I lean down, pulling him in for a hug as I stroked his golden blonde hair.
"No buddy, LiLi's gonna be going away for a while... But it's okay! Next time you see me, guess who's coming to town?!"
"Well yes but... Santa!" I try, tears welling in my eyes at how pathetic this little boy was.
"But... But Santa's so far... Don't leave me LiLi... I miss you... I love you too..." Well this year is going to be just great.

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