Everything Is About To Change...(A 2nd Genaration HP Group Story)

James- 6th
Albus- 5th
Lily- 2nd
Ted- Helps around the castle

Chapter 2

Star's POV

I saw as my parents were helping Lorcan and Lysander pack everything. As usual, they waited until the day of to do everything. For being in Ravenclaw, they are not that smart.

"Star can you please pass me that book you're sitting on?,"asked Lorcan trying to stay calm I was sitting on his book.

I jump off it and looked at it, I could tell it was for his personal reading because it looked nothing like a Hogwats' book. I took a bite out of my apple and read the cover, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

"Hey, didn't grandpa write this book?,"I asked as I threw it in his direction.

"Careful! And great grandfather did,"he responded as he caught it and checked if something had happened to it.

"Haven't you read it?,"asked Lysander. I gave him a look, which meant, You do know I don't read, right? He simply chuckled and shook his head.

Even though I come from a family who loves to read anything about any creature, I'm simply not into all that. I'm the odd one here, makes me feel special! My family is already considered odd, and so being the odd one of the odd family is pretty odd.

"Okay, we better get a moving before you miss the train,"said dad walking out of the boys room and into mine. I know he was going to help me with my stuff.

"Isa!,"called Lysander out.
"Bella!,"Lorcan followed.

They were calling their cats, which by the way, are both beautiful! They decided it would be smart if they would split up the name Isabella for their cats. Isa came first, followed by Bella close behind.

"Dad did you get Chestnut?,"I called out.

"Yes, don't worry about it,"he replied.

Chestnut is my beautiful barn owl. He has big hazel eyes, light brown with a chest. I got him for my birthday present a few years ago. My best friend and "boyfriend" , Lincoln, last year.

We've been dating for a while, but is not what it seems. It's to keep his secret safe, just 'cause he doesn't know ho people will react to it. Me, being his best friend, agreed to it! No harm, right?

"So, is Lincoln meeting you there?,"asked Lysander with a smirk. They knew we were dating, but they thought we were really in love!

"Of course!,"I simply replied with a sweet smile.

I saw my parents smile, they knew Lincoln, he has spent a few summer with us, along with Liam, who I dearly adore! I hope I get to see him today, at least to say goodbye.

"Let's go before is too late,"said dad going outside. We followed him and we all got in our car. I can't wait for this year, I feel is going to be the best one!

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