Everything Is About To Change...(A 2nd Genaration HP Group Story)

James- 6th
Albus- 5th
Lily- 2nd
Ted- Helps around the castle

Chapter 13

Jarrod's POV

I didn’t talk to anyone for the rest of the train ride, and when Scorpio came out of the compartment after me looking at me like I’d grown a second head; I ignored his attempts at conversation.
The train stopped at Hogsmead Station and everyone got off. I heard the half-giant (I think his name was Harry?) as I was making my way towards the carriages after Scorpio. I saw him get into a carriage and beckon to me but I just shook my head and waved him off. I really didn’t want to have to deal with him right now. I mean, I know he’s my best friend and everything but I just needed some time to cool down and figure out what was going on with my life at the moment.
The feast was the same as every year and completely uneventful. I made small conversation with Scorpio and resisted the urge to punch Edith Schmitt in the face because she was flirting with me.
The Slytherin common room wasn’t busy at all. The first years had gone up to their dorms already because they were worn out and the only people still awake were a couple of fourth years who were reading the Daily Prophet. I was just about to go to bed when I noticed three boys from my year come down the steps and proceed towards the door to the common room without noticing me.
I recognized all three of them: Richard, Nathan and Scorpio. I frowned in confusion, what would they be up to at this time of night?
“Hey guys! What are you doing up?” All three of them stopped in their tracks and turned slowly to me. I could practically see the gears turning in their pea-brained heads. No offence Scorpio.
Nathan was the one that spoke up first, “Jarrod! We were… uh…. you k-know… going for a… w-walk?” I cocked my eyebrow and stared at him disbelievingly. It sounded more like a question. I could sense their discomfort and decided to play it up a bit. “At this time of night? You’re not worried ‘bout Filtch or Ted?”
The three of them looked between themselves uncertainly and I had to resist the urge to laugh. This was freaking hilarious! “Well, you did teach us how to not get caught.” Richard shrugged trying to appear nonchalant. I nodded unconvinced and made an ‘uh-huh’ sound. My three classmates nervously shifted from foot to foot. Scorpio was the first one to meet my eyes, “We were going to ask you to come with us, but you just seemed… And on the train-”
I laughed, cutting him off. I knew that practically all the fifth years in Slytherin knew what happened on the train. I tried to look like I was completely at ease when I replied, “Seriously Scorpio? Did you think I actually meant all of that stuff? I just wanted to mess around with their minds. Can you imagine how funny it would be if one of them came up to me in the library and asked if I wanted to study with them like we were friends?”
From where I sat I saw their faces fill up with awe that I had the brains to pull something that brilliant. I saw Scorpio visibly relax and a smile broke out across his tense face. Richard chuckled, “There’s the Jarrod we know! Where you been man?” I forced a smile at his joke. “That’s bloody brilliant! Why didn’t you tell us about it? We could have joined you!”
I shrugged. “Spur of the moment thing I guess.”
Richard nodded like he actually understood and gestured towards the door, “We were just going to show those newbies who not to mess with. Or just hex anyone we come across. You in?” I shook my head.
“As appealing as that sounds gents, I’m exhausted. Maybe next time, yeah?”
Nathan and Richard nodded and stepped outside the common room but Scorpio stayed behind. He turned to me and gave a dramatic sigh of relief, “Wow Jar, you even had me fooled, and I’m your best friend!” He shook his head in amazement, “I should have known you’d pull something like that! But you did scare me on the train. I thought you were turning into a Hufflepuff or something!”
I chuckled along with him. Now that is something I’d never do. I had to admit it would have been funny though.
I nodded towards the door, “Get going man or they’ll leave you here.” He nodded and after we did the whole man-hug thing he made his way towards the door. “Curse someone for me Malfoy!” I joked just as he was going through the door. He turned and laughed at me, “Will do O’Connell, get some sleep!”
As he made his way with Richard and Nathan down the hallways of Hogwarts terrorizing first years, I went up to my dorm that I shared with Scorpio, Richard and another boy called Marshall. I flopped onto my bed and lay staring at the ceiling, trying to get comfortable.
I’d barely closed my eyes for a couple of seconds when I thought I heard screaming. I sat up and looked around, startled. Marshall lay snoring on the bed across from me but Richard and Scorpio weren’t back yet.
I shook my head to clear it and lay back down. It was probably just my imagination. No. There it was again! I sat up again and walked down to the common room in nothing but my plaid pyjama pants and white t-shirt. I gripped my wand tighter in my hand and looked around. There was nobody there. But I definitely heard a scream.
I snuck out of the common room and down the hall to my left. I had no idea where the screams came from, but I was going to find out.
After walking around for what seemed like ages and almost giving up and going back to bed, I heard the sounds of a struggle coming from my right, near the Ravenclaw common room.
I peeked around the corner of the wall to see what was going on and almost gasped. There was Nathan and Scorpio holding down a girl in Ravenclaw robes. Even with her white hair I recognized her from the train. Reviva. They both had hands clamped on her mouth to keep her from crying out. Richard was facing her with his wand raised and a murderous look in his eyes.
I stepped out from behind the wall and pointed my wand towards Richard. Reviva noticed me and tried to say something but it was muffled by Nathan and Scorpio’s hands.
“Expelliarmus!” I shouted and with a flash of red light Richard’s wand went flying in the other direction. All four of them turned to me with different looks in their eyes: Reviva was grateful, Nathan was shocked, Scorpio was disbelieving and Richard was furious. If looks could kill I would be a goner. I turned to Richard.
“This is taking it too far, Richard. Go back to the common room before I tell the headmaster!” His face (although still the epitome of rage) paled and he bolted down the corridor towards the Slytherin common room. Nathan and Scorpio followed him, Scorpio looking shameful and wouldn’t meet my gaze.
As soon as I was sure they were gone I ran to Reviva and looked her over. She didn’t look so good. What would they have done to her if I wasn’t there? Scorpio would have remembered her from the train so why didn’t he help her?
“Are you alright?”

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