Dreams Come True, Nightmares Become Reality

Another LotR story, yes... Only this time, I am doing it with Ari :D Since we can't finish Love Stronger Than Iron or Blue and Hot yet Grey and Cold (her profile was deleted :'( ) we have decided to make a different LotR story! Yay!
Enjoy and please comment and rate!!!

Chapter 1


My whole life was changed the day I was sent out of class for yelling at another student.

I know that sounds stupid; why would your whole life change because of something so insignificant? Well, I'm gonna tell you why so listen up.

It was a Friday in November, the day before Thanksgiving Break, which was when all of the high schoolers at my school went nuts with anxiety, awaiting the end of the day's bell. It was my seventh period Calculus class, which I hated, and I was sitting at the back of class, as usual, hood up, black earbuds stuck firmly into my ears. I was listening to some of my favorite Avril Lavinge songs, not bothering to listen intently to what Mr. Hunstill was saying about numbers and all that other math junk. Writing was so much easier than math, in my opinion. In writing, there were no rules. You could conjure up anything you desired; a dragon with scales black as ebony, a mystical jungle full of fascinatingly mysterious creatures and primates, or maybe a fairy wand, slender and ordinary-looking, that could form anything magically at your will. Why couldn't life be like writing?

Anyways, I had just pulled out my small bound leather notebook and flipped to a new page, ready to write down anything to take me away from this boring monotonous teacher and fidgeting classmates. I bit my lip and stared off into space, trying to come up with something to inspire me today. Strangely, I hit an invisible wall, a roadblock, unable to come up with an idea to cause my pencil to start moving like it usually did.

"Hey, loser! Whatcha doing? Writing in your diary?"

I jerked out of my head and back into the full world of reality. Brandon Thames, a burly shaggy-haired kid in my year, was sneering at me on my right, his two goons chuckling quietly, unnoticed by the idiot teacher, who was still rambling on and on about math. I looked away, shaking my head and trying to block out the bully. He usually tried to bother everyone, being the class clown basically, and I was determined not to let him get to me.

"What's the matter? Scared? Let me read it." He said, sneering even more, eyeing my notebook with a look I did not agree with at all.

"Shove off." I mumbled, shutting it and cranking up the volume on my iPod. Brandon needed a good slap in the face for everytime he hurt someone's feelings on purpose or nosed his way into others' business.

Brandon's expression faded into a furious one. He was ticked off at my rudeness now. "What did you say? No one tells me to shove off, girl! You don't even have any friends. Why don't you go hide away and just give me the freaking book?! What's the matter with you?"

The goons whispered "Ooh! Burn!"

I snorted and put my notebook into my hoodie's pocket, annoyed at their reaction. Couldn't they see how stupid it was to try and start a fight? Apparently not.

I shut off my iPod and pulled the headphones out of my ears, facing Brandon coldly, my voice harsh. "How about you just shut your trap for once in your life and consider the reasons why? Hmm? Or are you really that stupid, Thames? Go pick on someone who actually cares."

Too late, I realized that the entire classroom had gone completely silent.

Oh, crud. Real smooth, Vee. Real smooth.

Mr. Hunstill glared at me from under his wire rimmed blue glasses. "Miss. Moore, we do not call names or threaten in this class. Out in the hall. Wait there until you feel like you are ready to rejoin your fellow peers, alright?"

Some people snickered and my cheeks burned in shame. Thank goodness for the black hoodie I wore, which hid the fact that I felt like an idiot and was blushing beat red. Well, this was totally embarrassing. Good job, Vee. I said to myself mentally, angry at how I had gotten in trouble for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

I stood up ever so slowly and began walking to the door, ignoring the whispers and stares as I did so. A girl said loudly "Loser... Ahem..." and the class burst out laughing. Brandon called out "Way to go, girl!" and his goons snickered, sneers visible upon their fat faces.

As I arrived at the door, I turned quickly and made a small middle finger sign to Brandon before racing out the door. I heard him shout "DID YOU SEE THAT?!" and laughed once I was near the bathroom, out of earshot.

I said to myself "Oh, Venus Moore; you really are mean." I chuckled and looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, grinning slightly. I couldn't see anything except a few wild brown curls that poked out of my hood and a flash of my green eyes, shining with mirth at my little sign to that jerk.

I chuckled again and turned away, washing my hands and heading out into the hallway again. I had no intention whatsoever of waiting for the bell to ring or for Hunstill to come out and talk to me sternly, lecturing me on proper decorum and language. No, I would never skip school and had no intention of doing so right then and there, but hey, what else could I do while waiting?

It was at that instant that I spotted something rather curious; a pulsing purple glow from underneath the supply closet's door. I murmured "What the heck is that?" I began to inch towards the door, nervous, heart slamming against my chest with anticipation and fear. My hand was soon lingering on the doorknob and I sucked in a deep breath before turning it slowly.

I frowned once it was open. The light was coming from...nothing. There was a small glowing pinprick of purple light far inside the closet, which made me uneasy.

Okay, this was strange. I leaned in closer, like a total idiot, which I probably was, and squinted, as if this would help me see the light better. Like I said, total idiot.

Without any warning at all, the faint pulsing source of purple light expanded, filling up the entire closet space rapidly, and shone brighter as it did so. I winced and made to move back, but then I suddenly was jolted forward, which was completely against my own will.

I yelled out "HELP!" but there was no time for that. I was sucked into the closet, which remained ajar behind me, and fell through the purple light, falling as if I were plummeting to the bottom of a chasm that seemed endless. I screamed at the top of my lungs, hoping someone would hear me, wondering what the heck was happening to me, and baffled as to why this was even occurring.

I tumbled through the air, still screaming, and felt dizzy and nauseous soon. My vision slowly faded into darkness and I slipped immediately out of consciousness.

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