~Sweet Little Tips~

Chapter 1

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-if it's not a weekday, wear your hair off your face as much as you can. Your hair produces natural oils that can cause pimples.
-when you think about it, and if you have acne, you'd wanna apply Acne medicine on your face. Use a headband to keep hair off your face.
-eat your way to beautiful skin by drinking plenty of water to keep your skin clear and bright. Avoid sugar. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Do not skip meals.
-get shiny hair by drinking lots of water, lather hair with mild shampoo. If hair is dirty apply shampoo straight on to dry hair. Condition hair regularly.
-deal with zits by never squeezing them.
1. Wash skin throughly and pat dry with clean towel
2. Rap ice cube in clean wash cloth or towel and hold over spot for a minute or 2 to bring down swelling.
3. Dip a cotton swab and into tree oil and dot tiny amount directly on pimple.
4. Leave alone to heal.

(I got bored of typing :P)


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