My List Of Quibblo's~Add These People! They Are AwesomeXD

Please continue reading and if you want add these awesome girls:D

Haha Yes they are all girls~
I do have some guy friends on here but these girls are there for me and I love them!
I haven't really had that much convo's with quibblo guys but whenever I do I can add your name to this!

This little list isn't final~if I meet an awesome friend then I can add them on and I hope people read and add and message themXD

Chapter 1

I Wish Upon A Shooting Star~VROOOM!

Hey guysXD
So recently I met some awesome people!
Haha they comment on my profile and my photosXD
We all have inside jokes and different convos going on!
And all of them have called me beautiful~haha one even took my brown hair!
So I just wanna give a shout out, beware the list is not short!
Add them, msg them!
They are great!

Haha I love this girl~
Ps: I took your crown in the night!

PSS: This is still Ashley but she recently got a new account:D
She is still as awesome and caring:) Haha as always!

Oh and thank you ever so much for totally dedicating your love for me on my page!
Haha waiting for Matt to get on!
Once he does, he is in for a surprise w/ his story;D
She is a great, amazing friend!
We have soo much fun together and shes a great friend to have:D
Haha I heart her in every way and I will never let her go!
Haha Ill share her;D

She hasnt been on in a while and I miss her so much!
But she is awesome to talk to and I love her too!
We would stalk this weirdo boy and talk about our crushes and just have so much fun!

Lol I love all these people!

Always comments on my stories and pictures:D
Haha great friend!
May I add that she is also gorgeous:) There are pictures in her album if you don't believe me! She thinks she isn't~BUT SHE IS!

The legendary!!!!
Haha I love this girl
She is my french speaking buddy
And I sadly have to use Google Translate!
So sad..
But she comments on all my stories and my pictures because she is the best granny ever!

French Version
Haha j'adore cette fille
Elle est mon copain qui parle français
Et je dois malheureusement utiliser Google Translate!
Si triste ..
Mais elle commente sur toutes mes histoires et mes photos parce qu'elle est la meilleure grand-mère jamais!

Haha or also known as just Sally xD
She is so fun to talk to~we seriously send like novels to each other:D
She is awesome and funny and so bubbly! She always puts a smile on my face xD
She is a great friend and awesome person to hold a conversation!
Haha she actually responds and believe this boys and girls~~
She says more then eeyup or okay or kk:D
Hahaha jk:D

I love all the people I have current conversations withXD
But if we don't have a conversation going on then..
That only means ONE thing:)

I love you allXD
Haha xoxoxo!


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