Hidden Gems on Quibblo

Okay, sometimes it's just shocking how little noticed some writers on quibblo are.

My mission is to fix that! :D

These chapters are for the stories that are seriously worth your time.

Chapter 1

Interesting Original Stories


This story only has two chapters so far, and is a little violent, but is well written. If you're looking for an original story, this is the one to read! Here's the description at the top:

Humanity faded faster than anyone thought. The race of the humans could disappear. Forever. The people left have to think faster than ever. To escape and find the cure, and hopefully survive.
With only a few standing high; who will rise and who will die?

The title of the story is: Virus

I couldn't help myself xD this story is just so awesome! I know it's well known already, but for those who are unfortunate enough not to have read it already, here's the description:
The human mind is a fragile thing. . . .

The title of the story is: Loose Ends
OMGosh this story is epic!!! You absolutely HAVE to read this! It only has five reads :(

The characters are really original, and the writing itself is masterful. Full of suspense, too. Lots of suspense. This is NOT your typical love story! Love isn't the main topic: It begins with a mysterious girl walking along the beach at night. You then find out she lives alone, and can't remember her past. Here's the description:

Adeine has a power, but can she control it? Will fate take her to her doom before its her due time?
Deniek knows he must help his new friend, but is he strong enough to cope with the truth?
Although pained by their lives, they cannot fulfill their purposes without each other.
Will they be able to fight fire with fire and save each other?

The title of the story is: Belonging

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(Keep in mind that I won't put every suggestion in this story.)

Thanks for reading!

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