Thank You To All My Friends!

~Whether it was the beginning or if I started to get to know you, we'll always be friends.~
A little note:
To all my friends who have been with me from the very beginning. I thank you for putting up with me and caring for me. I love you all. You're the greatest friends I ever had. Most of you guys reminds me so much of my real friends throughout my life. I wish I could just come into all of your lives and just give you all hugs! You're all wonderful. You guys mean everything to me!

Chapter 1

Thank you! (Going in order of appearance)

~Achlys (CourtneyEdwards)
~Izzy (IzzabellaBlack)
~Zoey (ZoeyLupin)
~Aylla (SherlockedSherlock)
~Eve (KahokoHino_EEVEE)
~Gale (peacepod1)
~Roxi (RoxiiRox)
~Sammy (prettyandunsure)
~AJ (threedaysgrace)
~Madi (MadiZenobiaPreist15)
~Nadia (cuty101)
~Patrice (The_Mr_Know_It_All)
~Evie (Igiveup)
~Emariec (Emariec)
~Neare (SparkAlchemist)
~Raven (alabamarules)
~Will (WillFey)
~Sam (SugarKart)
~ (British102)
~Alex (FoxBoy13)
~Cindy (cindyrubio)
~Vepsy (Stupid_Vepsy)
~Aaron (hozza9)
~Stephanie (DarkAngelX)
~Raven (Diablos)
~Bella (Heroine)
~Austin (austinfrost12)
~Kharjo (Kharjo)
~Rosemary (Fade)
~Rose (rocketshippergirl)
~Vladimir (Necromechanism)

If you don't see your name on here, it doesn't matter. Whether or not you made it on this list, you're my friend as well. ^.^


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