Written In Blood~ Gravity Falls FanFic

I couldn't resist putting up this one, even though I still have, like, seven stories to finish. (Yeah, I'm that busy) I got this idea while writing the Gravity Falls group story with my friend.

Chapter 1

Unfortunate Meetings

That fateful summer when I ran away from my home and found myself in Gravity Falls, Oregon was the best (and probably the worst) summer of my life.

My father, a drunk man who abused his children and wife constantly, was part of my reason for taking off. My older brother had run two years before then because of him as well. My mother hid in her room whenever my dad got himself worked up into a funk, so she was no help whatsoever. There was only one option for me, as far as I could tell, so I acted upon it.

The only other reason, a stupid reason, really, was my older brother. He had sent a photo of himself to me recently for the very first time in two years. He was fifteen now and looked a whole lot different. Attached to the photo was a brief letter from my older sibling, describing how he was enjoying this new turn in life and was trying to forget the past now. I figured if my brother could accomplish his goal of a new life, without our drunken father, so could I. Also, even though I would never admit this to anyone, I secretly hoped to somehow find my older brother, to maybe even live with him. Two years had made me miss him more than ever.

So, with only a few items in my bag (a watch, the photo, my lucky sapphire stone pendant, loaves of bread, and a couple water bottles) I set out into the unknown.

Which was how, two tiring sweaty weeks later, I arrived at a small town called Gravity Falls, Oregon.
I sat down at the base of a pine tree in the woods, sweating profusely under the blazing hot sun that rested high above the dense canopy of leaves. I rummaged through my bag, examining the few contents remaining. The loaves of bread were either eaten or stale by now; the water bottles were emptied days ago so I had to refill them daily with other drinkable liquids; the photo of my brother was slightly bent across the middle; I wore my lucky pendant around my neck currently.

I had managed to raid a nearby diner seconds before and scored two warm delectable strips of sizzling bacon in the process. All in all, it had been a good morning for me.

I wiped some dripping sweat off my brow and briefly recalled the name on the sign I had passed two hours ago, when I had first entered this town: Gravity Falls.

I snorted at that strange title. That sounded like some creepy place that was the setting in a horror movie.

Letting my unruly black hair fall around my face, I fiddled with my pendant and stared at the small dark sapphire intently. My older brother had given me the pendant on my tenth birthday, three years ago. He had said that as long as I wore it, good luck would find me. I had only recently begun to believe this, due to earlier events.

Perhaps the sun was finally shining through for once after all.

I should have known better than to hope for such a thing.

My eyes suddenly began to twitch uncontrollably, a surefire sign that I was not alone. Someone... Or something... Was watching me.

The leaves over head rustled as the wind picked up for a brief second--but then almost instantly died back down. Okay, that was creepy.

I scrambled back to my feet, a bad feeling growing in my gut as I did so. I shoulder my bag and glanced around nervously.

Not a soul in sight.

A twig unexpectedly cracked, close to a nearby thorn bush, and I jumped, knuckles turning white as snow as I gripped my stone pendant tightly. Something was not right. I called out, voice trembling slightly, "Who's there?"

"Don't be afraid."

I whirled around, finding myself feet from a small figure that kept to the shadows of a pine tree. There was a dangerous edge to the stalker's voice and I realized they seemed to have some sort of southern accent too. My heart pounded quicker than it should have been. This creepy person was definitely freaking me out.

"Who are you?" I demanded, groping in my jeans for the blue pocket knife I had stolen from a store a few towns back.

The figure stepped out of the shadows and I was taken back by the person who stood in front of me. It was a short boy with unnaturally tall white blonde hair who wore a baby blue suit. He was smiling at me in a strange way that did not make me feel safe at all.

"No need to be frightened! It's just lil' old me." He giggled in an annoying way at this, though I had no clue why that was funny. "My name's Gideon. And, you are?"

I swallowed a small lump, not trusting this hair gel freak one smidge. Something about him unnerved me... What was it? The accent? The strange grin? The enormous hair?

Yet, I somehow found myself saying, "Cameron Victors." Wait, why did I just tell him my name?!

Gideon's weird grin couldn't seem to go any wider at this point. "Well, it is a pleasure to meet you, Cameron. May I ask what it is that brought you to Gravity Falls?"

I glanced around, unsure what to say now. What if he had others listening in?

As if reading my mind, Gideon giggled again and said, "Don't worry; We're alone." I scratched the back of my neck nervously and said, not exactly untruthful, "I came to find a place to live. Erm, do you...know anyplace I could stay?"

Gideon's eyes flashed with some emotion that I couldn't put my finger on. "Yes, of course I do!" He grabbed my wrist and steered me through the forest, talking cheerfully the entire time, which became increasingly annoying.

"You have come to the right town to stay in, Cameron. Gravity Falls sure is interesting. I hope you're deciding to stay here permanently...?" He looked up at me questioningly, his eyes scanning my face. Even though I was still a good two inches taller, this kid was rather intimidating.

"Erm, I dunno. I was just focusing on getting someplace..." I admitted, scratching the back of my neck nervously with my free hand. The touch of his skin made me feel increasingly colder; why was that? Something about Gideon was off, as if he was a fake or something.

Gideon just grinned wider and said "Well, I know the perfect place for you to stay!"

"Erm, where?" I was instantly suspicious at how eager he looked when he said this.

"Why, right over there!"

I frowned and looked to where Gideon was now pointing. We had arrived at the edge of the woods and had halted on a hill overlooking a wooden building with a front porch. I read the sign, frowning more. The Mystery Shack. The S in Shack had fallen off though so it read Mystery Hack instead.

"Uh, a shack?" I turned to face the kid, confused.

Gideon's smile faded a little. "Okay, so it isn't the nicest but..." He sighed and I got a bit nervous when I saw a deadly serious look in his eyes. "I want you to stay there, be friendly with the owners, find out anything you can. In return... I'll reward you with anything you desire, Cameron. Do we have a deal?"

I took a step back from the strange kid, shocked by his words. Why on earth was he asking me to do this?

"Uh, why should I?"

The strange boy's face darkened. "Because I need help, and I need you to give me it. Do we have a deal?"

I swallowed a lump in my throat. Before I could respond, Gideon's eyes widened at the sight of something in the distance. He hissed "Make up your mind fast, Cameron!"

Without warning, and to my dismay, that hair gel freak shoved me off balance so I went tumbling down the hill. I tried to catch my breath but it was knocked out of me repeatedly and all that I saw was a blur of green and blue, meaning the sky and grass. Suddenly I slammed into something heavy and my rolling came to a stop, the heavy thing landing on top of me.

I groaned and shut my eyes tight, wincing in pain from the weight of the thing on me. My bag had been separated from me when I had begun tumbling so there was no telling what had happened to it now.

"Are you okay?" came a concerned voice. My eyelids fluttered open and I gasped soundlessly, not expecting to find a guy's face inches from mine, his eyes growing wide as golf balls when he opened his eyes right at that moment too.


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