On My Own

Meet Eliza, A girl who just wanted to escape her life filled with uncaring foster parents and bullies at school. So she ran.she ran until she found an old abandoned warehouse a couple miles away from where she originally lived, but she wasn't the first one who took up residence there.
If you want a story with romance, action, and drama than you picked the right story.

Chapter 1


I was running, running as fast as I could. I didn't stop, not even when the burning sensation in my lungs told me to stop. Quit. I will not quit, I need to escape.
Trees got in my way and disturbed my line of vision, but I just pushed them aside and kept running, nothing could stop me. Not even the police officers chasing after me right this moment.
Right about now you're probably wondering "what the hell is she running from?" well, to answer that question, everything.
My life wasn't so great, I got bullied at school, I had no friends, oh, and the fact that I have no family. See, I was raised in foster homes but all they wanted me for was the money. Well I just can't take that anymore.
The sirens were still blazing through the trees and making that god awful noise that wakes up everyone in the night.
I wore a hat to cover my long dark hair so it wouldn't get caught in any trees, even if I didn't wear the hat they wouldn't see me because it's as black as the sky.
By the time I couldn't run anymore the police sirens stopped, I looked from left to right expecting one to take me by surprise but none came. It was just me.

Eventually I found an old warehouse a couple miles away from the current location I was running from. I could try to find a place to sleep but almost everything was made of either metal, wood, or stone.
I settled on top of a pile of dead grass, tossing and turning until I could find a comfortable spot. Unfortunately running away from home has it's disadvantages, like not having a bed. But then again it was never my home, it was just strangers who happen to make me sleep in there cold bed with a thin blanket, keeping the window open in my room only, probably hoping I would get sick and die or something like that.
At least it wasn't raining, that would have been hell, I'm freezing enough as it is. I closed my eyes hoping sleep would take over soon so I wouldn't have to think of the day ahead for the next ten hours.

"I said wake up!" a sharp jab went into my ribcage, my eyes opened and I awoke with a gasp.
"That's better, now who are you and what the hell have you been doing in our territory?" I looked up to see a girl with long blonde hair, you could tell she had a lot of split ends. Her green eyes were menacing as she held up a pocket knife to my throat.
"Well? I asked you a question!" another kick to my ribs. I gasped out in pain.
"I don't know, I needed a place to stay."
I looked up at her, she nodded. Mock understanding. "Oh, I get it," she kicked my stomach "you . . . Just . . . Needed . . . A . . . Place . . . To . . . Stay!" with each word she kept ramming her foot in my ribs.
I coughed out a spittle of blood.
"What the hell is going on here?" a male voice in the far corner of the room sounded.
The menacing blond turned and gave a smile for the unknown person. "Just found some trash, want a turn?" she looked back down at me "or I could just keep going." another sharp kick. I groaned in response.
The man approached us, pushing the blond aside and bending down to examine me. He touched a gentle hand to my head "Are you alright?"
I sat up and shook my head, when I looked up at the man it was all I could to hold in a gasp. He was VERY good looking, with his windswept dark hair that fell just shy above his forest green eyes, a look of concern in them of course. But his clothes were all muddy and ripped. He was beautiful.
I realized I was staring and hadn't answered him "Um, my stomachs not doing to well."
"Yeah, no thanks to Kate." he shot a glare her way, she just shrugged and acted as if it was no big deal. "So, any reason why Kate was beating the crap out of you?"
I shrugged "I guess she didn't like the idea of me sleeping here."
"It's my territory!" I heard her yell across the room.
"What? Territory?" I looked back at him, confusion written all over my face.
"This place you stepped in, well, we kinda live here." he said calmly.
I tilted my head to the side "Live here?"
He nodded "For about two years now."
"So . . . It's just you two?"
He chuckled lightly "No, Thank the lord for that. There's at least six of us in total here."
"Why so you all live here?"
He shrugged "No where else to go, plus we all came from the same environment. Either bad families, or our parents died, or other stuff we'd rather not get into right now."
"Why are you telling me all this?"
"Hey, you're the one asking the questions."
I looked around the vast room again, wow, how do they live? Perhaps I should have asked myself that before I left the foster family.
"You know, you still didn't tell me your name."
I looked up into those beautiful green eyes "Eliza."
He had a gentle smile on his face "That's a pretty name, I'm Chase." he extended a hand, I shook it.
I got up from the pile of dead grass "Well I really should get going."
"Eliza, where would you go?"
I hesitated "Hmm, I haven't thought about that."
"Why don't you stay here with us? Since you have no other place to go."
"WHAT?!" Kate's shout resonated throughout the entire room. She stalked toward Chase in an angry manner "She can't stay here!"
"And why not?" a ghost of a smile played on Chase's lips.
"Because . . . Because, arrgh!" she stomped off out of the warehouse.
"God, it's fun seeing her get mad. Okay, so I guess now you have to meet everybody, they'll like you."

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