Battle of the ex's (Battle Of the Sexes spin-off)

I will give you 5 cases of couples and how they broke up and where their from,they all enter a game show called Battle Of The Ex's to see who was better in the relationship,story starts on Chapter 2! This is one of the weirdest ideas I've ever had!

Chapter 1

Meet The Couples

Case 1:Johnny & Monica
Ages: 15 & 14
Hometown: Detroit,Michigan
Problem: Johnny has been skateboarding with other girls,which has bugged Monica.
Length of relationship: 3 years

Case 2: Marcus & Rita
Age: 18 & 19
Hometown: Palm Springs,California
Problem: They barely go on dates or even speak
Length of relationship: 1 month

Case 3: Luke & Britney
Age: 15 & 23
Hometown: New York,New York
Problem: Luke has been checking other girls out while on "dates" with older lady Britney
Length of relationship: 2 years

Case 4: Bryan & Courtney
Age: 16 & 15
Hometown: Mobile,Alabama
Problem: Because they live in such a small town their too close to each other,they need space.

Case 5: Joe & Joanna
Age: 30 & 20
Hometown: Arlington,Texas
Problem: The age difference between them is 10 years and Joanna has been dating guys from her college and Joe was furious when he found out,he still is as you read this.
Length of relationship: 5 months

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