Lucid Future

Olivia Zale. You're average freshman. Everything in her world is boring. Except. . . sleep?
When her dreams start to feel extremely realistic it doesn't take long to learn why. As Olivia's dreams become more exciting, so does her life.
(I am aware the time isn't current I had to go back a while in order to make it fit right with some of my ideas. I'll start at the beginning of the school year.)

Chapter 1


by: TessaGray
I remember in Elementary School all the kids who had summer birthdays would get to pick any day they wanted to celebrate. The same went for the kids who's birthdays fell on a weekend, though they were more likely to pick a date close to their actual birthday. Then of course if it was on a weekday during school, you celebrated that day.
I found it completely ridiculous at times when students would show up hauling tubs of brownies down the halls, picking their closest friends to help pass out the treats, and deliver the rest to their favorite teachers.
I never cared enough about it. My Mom's not really the kind who bakes brownies, or anything for that matter, and I didn't crave any extra attention. I was fine blending in, being boring.
Elementary School is over. So is Middle School.
Lot's has changed.
One thing has remained the same. . . it's still as boring as could be.
But now I'm getting restless I don't know if I'm okay with it anymore.
Today is my birthday.
Monday, September 3rd.
I'm Fourteen.
It also happens to be the day before school starts for this year.
Another reason birthday celebrations in school always felt silly, it was too close to the beginning of the year. Lost in the commotion.
So after the traditional spaghetti dinner with my family, (Every year in my family you get to pick the meal for your birthday and ever since I was four I have insisted on this dish), I lay out an outfit for tomorrow, say goodnight to my parents, tuck in my two year old sister and head off to bed.
As I pull the covers up around my shoulder I think about despite the fact it was my birthday, today was normal. Besides dinner, I didn't do much. Especially for the last day of summer.
I roll onto my side and close my eyes. Somehow I have still managed to exhaust myself.
I fall asleep almost instantly.

" Alright students, Welcome to high-school! I'm Mrs. Adams, Your homeroom teacher!"
I glance around me.
Desks. Kids. And Mrs. Adams, my homeroom teacher that I recognize from Meet the Teachers Night.
It looked real.
It felt real. . . almost.
But after a moment I made the realization that I was dreaming.
Of course! It's the night before school, of course I'd be dreaming about what will happen.The lights turn off and the projector aims at the whiteboard.
The beginning page of a PowerPoint titled 'All About Me' flashed up. Surrounding the words were pictures.
Mrs. Adams and her family in Disneyland, a dog sprawled across a white sofa, and a bird in a teal cage labeled 'Chirpy'.
" Strange." I muttered. I wonder how my mind has decided what her family looks like. Her pets and their names. . .
I turn my attention to a student next to me. He's doodling a picture of Earth balancing on the tip of a knife. It was amazing. The shadows made it look as if it were really a marble and a blade, threatening to rise from the page.
'I have never had a dream with such detail' I thought looking around the room.
The PowerPoint had moved on to a list of 'FAVORITES' consisting of foods, places, teams, colors, songs,. . .
I shifted in my seat and watched as the boy finished shading the picture.
'Who is this boy?' I pondered. 'Surely he doesn't exist. . . He's only in my dream, right?'
I don't think I've ever seen him before. Then again, his face was hidden in the dark.
'Will he respond? If I talk to him? It couldn't hurt. . . it's only a dream.
" Hey" I whispered at him.
He didn't seem to notice.
" Hey!" I said a bit louder, glancing to see if dream Mrs. Adams had heard.
She was busy with her PowerPoint.
" Look at me!" I tapped him on the shoulder.
Startled, He turned to look at me.
I don't recognize his face.
He opens his mouth and I'm sure he's going to talk tome but the sound of his voice was replaced by and alarm clock. . .
My eyes shoot open.
I take a deep breath.
It takes me a moment to register that I am awake. My dream is over.
The weirdest dream I have ever experienced by far. . .
I swing my legs over the side of the bed and walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror.
Staring back at me is a brown eyed, brown haired girl with a serious case of bed head.
Another deep breath.
Day one of boring high school here I come.

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