Randomness (poem)

Written on 9/21/12
Uploaded on 10/4/12

Random stuff... -ish...I don't know...I was bored on that day....Its not very good...

ⓒ cstar11

Chapter 1


by: Carrie_
Dark night,
Bright stars
Light shines from passing cars.
Moon glows,
Snail slows,
Want to go home.
Long day,
Short day,
Have to do this everyday.
Silent roads,
Quiet mind,
Ever since I was left behind.
Sad face,
Happy face.
Don't hit yourself with a mace.
Dry your eyes,
Blow your nose
Spray someone with a garden hose.
This doesn't make sense
But random fact: The moon is dense.
Rainbow trees,
Fluffy bees,
This is what I can see.
Time flies,
we die.
Let's all go to Sky High.
Rhyming words,
Scary birds,
Running from sheep herds.
Laughing stock,
gray block,
Time bomb...
Tick tock.
Fun, fun
Run, run
Until we see the sun, sun.
Party on,
Rock on,
Let's go mon!


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